House Recognition of Service is presented yearly to the outgoing Chair of the House of Delegates and Secretary/Editor at the end of their term of office. The Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Secretary/Editor of the House of Delegates shall by majority vote approve or disapprove each candidate as the recipient of the award for which he or she is named as the candidate. Only candidates selected by this committee may receive awards. The Distinguished Member of the House and Honorary Member of the House Awards shall be presented at the awards ceremony at the AAPG annual meeting. Presentation of the House Long Service Awards and the House Recognition of Service Awards will be made at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates.



Rachel A. Williams

Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson


Steven H. Brachman


John Kaldi

Jennifer Leigh Gamrod


William S. Houston

Maren Leigh Blair


Justin Vandenbrink

David Jacob Entzminger


James S. McGhay

Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson


Stephen Douglas Levine

Robert Charles Shoup


Thomas Carl Anderson

David A. Dolph


Lawrence H. Wickstrom

Dan A. Billman


Karen Sullivan Glaser

Robert Randolph Ray

Karen Glasser


Jeffrey William Lund

David Richard Cook


David Harold Hawk

Patrick James Gooding


Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Laura Cutright Zahm


Sigrunn Johnsen

George Robert Bole


Robert Edward Webster

Martin D. Hewitt


Jeannie Fisher Mallick

Larry L. Jones


Robert Charles Shoup

Donald Dean Clarke


Valary L. Schulz


Steven Maurice Goolsby

George Eynon


Katharine Lee Avary

Sandra Margaret Barber

Jeffery Curtis Greenawalt

Jean Robertson Lemmon

Martin D. Hewitt

Deborah K. Sacrey

Terry L. Hollrah


Rules and Procedures for Granting Awards
  1. All awards shall be given only to recognize persons for their service to the house of delegates.
  2. Current membership in the House of Delegates is not required.
  3. The Honors and Awards Committee shall prepare the title, description of and qualifications for any new award proposed by the committee to be established, and shall forward the same to the rules and procedures committee. All awards will be presented in the year following the year the award is established.
  4. All awards shall be established by amendment to these rules and procedures.
  5. No Honors and Awards Committee member shall receive an award while serving on that committee.
  6. No AAPG Member shall receive more than one House award in any one year. A Member being voted two or more such awards in the same year shall retain the highest award and relinquish the lower one(s). The award ranking shall be 1) Honorary Member, 2) Distinguished Member, and 3) Long Service. This shall not preclude that member from receiving one or more of the other awards at a later time. No current holder of or candidate for any AAPG office, no current holder of or candidate for any HoD office, no immediate past chair of the HoD, no president or candidate for president of any AAPG Division, and no candidate for a position on the Advisory Council may be nominated for an HoD award except an HoD Recognition of Service Award.

HoD Awards

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