Congressional Visits Days

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Organizes Training 

DPA organizes special technical sessions and short courses at national and sectional AAPG conventions. 

Maintains a Watch on Legislation 

Maintaining a watch on federal and state governments and generating instant response to proposed legislation is part of DPA's objectives. It has expanded its ability to do so through the AAPG energy policy office in Washington D.C. 

DPA members can track proposed and pending state and federal legislation via the legislative reporting service now being provided by the DPA in the “Members Only” section of this site.

Online Directory 

The DPA online directory cites each geologist's areas of expertise and availability for consulting. It is available to the public. DPA members must log in to edit their directory information.

Identifies Distinguished Speakers 

Conducts business meetings and identifies distinguished speakers at AAPG sectional and annual meetings. 

Jointly Develops Model Agreements 

Updates Model Agreements and works with other professional organizations. Aids and provides input related to states proposing or modifying geologic registration/licensure legislation. 

Special Publications 

Publishes special publications and position papers on scientific and professional affairs. 

Discovery Thinking Forum 

A perennial favorite at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, the Discovery Thinking Forum combines the elements of technical skills and information with the personal side of exploration and discovery—a mixture of data, case study/integration, and good stories. In recent years, the Forum has expanded to the International Conference and Exhibition as well. View all.

About DPA

Headquarters Contacts

Susan Nash
Susan Nash Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG +1 405 314 7730