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Comparison of Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to being a member of this Association. The following is a comparison for each Member type.

Features Student Associate Member
Open to students in the geosciences    
Open to qualifying individuals who are not eligible to join as Members or Student members    
Open to professionals in the geosciences    
Emeritus status (by request) – Members age 65 + 30 years cumulative membership    
Graduated dues system  
BULLETIN archives (complete access available only to those paying Level 1 dues)  
Member Registry  
INTERPRETATION journal – joint publication with SEG*
EXPLORER – electronic edition
BULLETIN – electronic edition
Eligible to join Energy Minerals Division (EMD) and Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG)*
Datapages single user subscription*
Discounts on AAPG products and services – including publications, education, meeting registration and more
Access to Career Center, AAPG’s resume and job posting site
Car Rental discounts
GeoCare Benefits Group Insurance Program*
Oklahoma Central Credit Union
Explorer – Print Edition (included with Level 1 membership rates)  
Eligible to join Division of Professional Affairs (DPA)/Certification Program*    
Vote in elections    
Run for and hold positions of leadership    
Serve as chair of standing committee    

Note: Some services/programs (*) require additional fees

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