David Elias Haddad David Elias Haddad President 2020-2021 ConocoPhillips
Peter Hill Hennings Peter Hill Hennings Co-Founder 2016-2099
Stephen Ernest Laubach Stephen Ernest Laubach Co-Founder 2013-2099 The University of Texas at Austin
Greg Schoenborn, PhD Greg Schoenborn, PhD Past President 2019-2021 Chevron
Richard Hughes Groshong, Jr., PhD Richard Hughes Groshong, Jr., PhD Awards Committee 2020-2022
Robert W. Krantz, PhD Robert W. Krantz, PhD Awards Committee 2020-2022
William Sassi William Sassi Awards Committee 2020-2022
David A. Ferrill Committee Member 2015-2022 Southwest Research Institute
Alfred Lacazette, PhD Committee Member 2012-2022 NaturalFractures.com, LLC
Caleb J. Pollock Communication/Social Media Manager 2020-2022 CP Geoscience Consulting
Susan Nash Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG

Headquarters Contacts

Susan Nash
Susan Nash Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG 4053147730