Edith Newton Wilson, PhD Edith Newton Wilson, PhD President 2019-2020 Rock Whisperer, LLC
Wayne Kenneth Camp Wayne Kenneth Camp Past President 2019-2020 Oxy
Ursula  Hammes Ursula Hammes President Elect 2019-2020 Hammes Energy and Texas A&M University
Tom J. Temples Tom J. Temples Vice President 2019-2021 Chauga Resources, LLC
David  Barnes David Barnes Secretary 2018-2020 Chevron
Diane Keim Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG
Mike Bingle-Davis Rocky Mountain Council Member 2018-2021 kirkwood oil and gas
David R. Blood Council Member 2019-2021 DRB Geological Consulting
Oladipo Oluwaseun Falade Africa Region Council Member 2018-2021 Shell Petroleum Exploration & Production
Barry Alan Goldstein Asia Pacific Council Member 2018-2021 DEM - Energy Resource Division
Claudia Jane Hackbarth Gulf Coast Council Member 2019-2021 Shell
Shane Edwards Matson Council Member 2019-2021 Jericho Oil Corporation
John Nathan McCracken Canada Region Council Member 2018-2021 Egret Consulting
Miguel Nicho-Pacheco, Sr. Latin America Council Member 2018-2021 PetroTal
Kevin G. Taylor Europe Council Member 2019-2021 University of Manchester
Troy Randall Tittlemier Southwest Secti Council Member 2019-2021 MagmaChem Research Institute
Kristy Hanley Whitaker Pacific Section Council Member 2019-2021 Berry Petroleum
Term President President-Elect Vice President Secretary Past President
2019 - 20 Edith N. Wilson Ursula Hammes Tom J. Temples David Barnes Wayne K. Camp
2018 - 19 Wayne K. Camp Edith N. Wilson Robert J. Coskey David Barnes Douglas E. Wyatt, Jr.
Term President President-Elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2017 - 18 Douglas E. Wyatt, Jr. Wayne K. Camp Miguel Nicho-Pacheco, Sr. Becky Lee Kowalski -
2016 - 17 Anne C. Draucker Douglas E. Wyatt, Jr. Wayne K. Camp Becky L. Kowalski Steven Schamel
2015 - 16 Robert A. Trevail Anne C. Draucker Paul C. Hackley Bruce T. Mitchell Steven Schamel
2014 - 15 Frances J. Hein Robert A. Trevail Anne C. Draucker Bruce T. Mitchell Charles M. Boyer, II
2013 - 14 Jeremy Boak Frances J. Hein James G. Clough Bruce Handley Charles M. Boyer, II
2012 - 13 Andrea A. Reynolds Jeremy Boak Robert A. Trevail Bruce Handley David E. Tabet
2011 - 12 Stephen M. Testa Andrea A. Reynolds Dale A. Fritz Frances J. Hein David E. Tabet
2010 - 11 Michael D. Campbell Stephen M. Testa Frances J. Hein Frances J. Hein Kent A. Bowker
2009 - 10 Frank E. Walles Michael D. Campbell Frances J. Hein Amy E. Sullivan Kent A. Bowker
2008 - 09 Creties D. Jenkins Frank E. Walles Andrea A. Reynolds Amy E. Sullivan Neil S. Fishman
2007 - 08 Douglas G. Patchen Creties D. Jenkins Larry M. Knox Elizabeth B. Campen Neil S. Fishman
2006 - 07 William A. Ambrose Douglas G. Patchen Jack C. Pashin Elizabeth B. Campen Kerry D. Newell
2005 - 06 Peter D. Warwick William A. Ambrose Creties D. Jenkins Samuel H. Limerick Kerry D. Newell
2004 - 05 Brian J. Cardott Peter D. Warwick Elizabeth B. Campen Samuel H. Limerick Michael A. Wiley, PhD
2003 - 04 Chacko J. John Brian J. Cardott Peter D. Warwick Elizabeth B. Campen Michael A. Wiley, PhD
2002 - 03 Rebecca L. Dodge Chacko J. John Alexander R. Papp Walter B. Ayers, Jr. Michael A. Wiley, PhD
2001 - 02 Andrew R. Scott Rebecca L. Dodge, PhD Chacko J. John Alexander R. Papp Michael A. Wiley, PhD
2000 - 01 Ronald L. Grubbs Andrew R. Scott Brian J. Cardott Alexander R. Papp Michael A. Wiley, PhD
1999 - 00 Thomas E. Ewing Ronald L. Grubbs Andrew R. Scott Brian J. Cardott Michael A. Wiley, PhD
1998 - 99 Lawrence L. Brady Thomas E. Ewing Jack C. Pashin Brian J. Cardott James C. Hower
Term President President-Elect Secretary Treasurer
1997 - 98 Margaret Anne C. Rogers Lawrence L. Brady Samuel A. Friedman Carroll F. Knutson
Term President President-Elect Secretary-Treasurer
1996 - 97 Carroll F. Knutson Margaret Anne Rogers Peter J. McCabe
1995 - 96 Gayle H. "Scott" McColloch, Jr. Carroll F. Knutson Peter J. McCabe
1994 - 95 Charles G. "Chip" Groat Gayle H. "Scott" McColloch, Jr. Frank D. Pruett
1993 - 94 John W. Gabelman Charles G. "Chip" Groat Frank D. Pruett
1992 - 93 Carl J. Smith John W. Gabelman Frank D. Pruett
1991 - 92 Douglas C. Peters Carl J. Smith Frank D. Pruett
1990 - 91 Samuel A. Friedman Douglas C. Peters Sandra C. Feldman
1989 - 90 Donald F. Towse Samuel A. Friedman Sandra C. Feldman
1988 - 89 Jeremy B. Platt Donald F. Towse Sandra C. Feldman
1987 - 88 Frank E. Kottlowski Jeremy B. Platt Sandra C. Feldman
1986 - 87 D. Keith Murray Frank E. Kottlowski O. Jay Gatten
1985 - 86 Philip C. Goodell D. Keith Murray O. Jay Gatten
1984 - 85 Norbert E. Cygan Philip C. Goodell Edward C. Beaumont
1983 - 84 Charles W. Berge Norbert E. Cygan Edward C. Beaumont
1982 - 83 Ruffin I. Rackley Charles W. Berge Norbert E. Cygan
1981 - 82 Robert L. Fuchs J. Henri N. Wennekers Norbert E. Cygan
1980 - 81 John A. Pederson Samuel A. Friedman Robert L. Fuchs
1979 - 80 Frederick R. Scheerer John A. Pederson Robert L. Fuchs
1978 - 79 Warren H. Westphal* Frederick R. Scheerer Ruffin I. Rackley
1977 - 78 Loyd Adolph Carlson Warren H. Westphal* Ruffin I. Rackley

Headquarters Contacts

Diane Keim
Diane Keim Administration Staff, AAPG +1 918 560-2644