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Feldspar dissolution and precipitation of clay and quartz cements affect reservoir quality in sandstones with detrital feldspar. This paper evaluates their impact on two Eocene fan delta sandstones in Bohai Bay Basin, China.

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Borehole breakouts do not give an accurate measurement of in situ stress orientation in fractured tight reservoirs. An example is the discrepancy between the maximum horizontal principal compression stress derived from various methods in the Eocene Hetaoyuan Formation, Nanxiang Basin China

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Based on a study of 51 coal samples, pores in coals can be divided into plant tissue hole, blowhole, dissolved pore, and intercrystalline pore. Pore structure can be opened, semi-closed, and ink bottle.” The total pore volume shows a positive relationship with the total specific surface area.

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Multidisciplinary interpretation of borehole images, cores, wireline logs, and seismic data is crucial to the construction of the regional transportation systems and the stratigraphic correlation in the Xujiahe Formation, Sichuan Basin, China. Three major sedimentary systems have been identified.

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The call for abstracts deadline is Jan. 15 for the next AAPG International Conference and Exhibition – a meeting that will be historic on many levels. This year’s ICE will be held Sept. 13-16 in Melbourne, Australia – the first time AAPG has used that city as a setting for ICE.

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Oil shale is a rich petroleum source rock that never got buried deep enough to generate oil and gas. Worldwide, oil shale is a massive resource that potentially could yield a trillion barrels of oil and gas equivalent.
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AAPG can trace its first woman member back to 1918, whereas in other countries, women began studying and practicing geology decades later. China is one of those countries. The PROWESS committee recently discovered China’s first female petroleum geologist, Yang Yi, who began studying geology in the 1940s.
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Feisty. Funny. Determined. Competitive. Brilliant. Generous. The words used to describe Harris in advance of her posthumously receiving the AAPG Harrison Schmitt Award at the upcoming ACE in Denver.
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It was a long journey – and anticipation seemed to build by the week – but another AAPG Publication Pipeline delivery finally arrived successfully at its destination, this time to the AAPG Student Chapter at China University of Petroleum in Beijing (CUPB).

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Innumerable geoscientists worldwide are familiar with the AAPG Giant Oil Fields publications. These AAPG members are spearheading the effort to compile “Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 2000-2010” featuring papers covering fields in areas around the globe.

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