J. C.

The J. C. "Cam" Sproule Memorial Award is given to recognize and reward younger authors of papers applicable to petroleum geology.



Melissa Meyer


Aderinola Olugbenga Lufadeju

Jessica Don

John H. Shaw

Andreas Plesch


Allegra Hosford Scheirer

Kristian E. Meisling, PhD

Tess Menotti

Stephan Alan Graham


Lei Jiang

Richard Worden

Chunfang Cai

Anjiang Shen

Stephen F. Crowley


Yuanjia Han

Brian Horsfield

Richard Wirth

Nicolaj Mahlstedt

Sylvain Bernard


Jinyu Zhang

William Anthony Ambrose

Ronald J. Steel, PhD


Grenville Antony Lunn

George Yacu

Luke Ferreira

Joseph M. English


John Vermylen

Robert Jeffrey Heller


Mark Robert Paul Tingay


Joseph M. English


Klaas Verwer

Peter E. K. Deveugle


Alexei V. Milkov


Bruce David Trudgill, PhD

David M. Dutton


David Richard Pyles


David Richard Pyles


Alejandro Escalona


Tobias Payenberg


Lesli Joy Wood, PhD


Antony David Reynolds, PhD


Jose Sebastian Galeazzi


Andrew David Hindle


Scott Wheeler Tinker


Peter Barry Flemings, PhD

Laurel L. Alexander, PhD


Isabel Patricia Montanez


Robert Derek Walters, PhD


Bradford Eugene Prather


Bradford Eugene Prather


Paul Weimer, PhD


Donald Arthur Medwedeff, PhD


Richard John Hubbard


David W. Houseknecht


Shankar Mitra


Loretta Ann Williams, PhD

Stephan Alan Graham


Martha Oliver Withjack

Daryl Jill Pollock


Martin P. A. Jackson, PhD

Steven John Seni


Judith Totman Parrish


Marc B. Edwards


Douglas Wendle Waples, PhD


Tim T. Schowalter


Richard S. Bishop, PhD


Peter Allen Scholle


Myron William Payne


W. Richard Moore


Clifton F Jordan


Ashton Fox Embry, PhD

Presentation of J. C. 'Cam' Sproule Memorial Award to Yuanjia Han, Brian Horsfield, Richard Wirth, Nicolaj Mahlstedt and Sylvain Bernard for 'Oil retention and porosity evolution in organic-rich shales' (AAPG BULLETIN, June 2017) at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas on May 19, 2019.
Presentation of J. C. 'Cam' Sproule Memorial Award to Jinyu Zhang (accepting), Ronald Steel and William Ambrose, for 'Greenhouse shoreline migration: Wilcox deltas' (AAPG BULLETIN, December 2016), at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 21, 2018.
Presentation of J. C. 'Cam' Sproule Memorial Award to David Pyles at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 11, 2010.

The sole author, or lead author and recognized co-authors, do not need to be an AAPG member but must have been 35 years of age or younger at the time of submittal of the paper. The paper may have appeared in any publication of the Association, or that of an Affiliated Society, Section, Region, or Division. It must deal with petroleum geology.

The award has been given to the same author more than once (1993-94 and 2009-10). On several occasions, the award was given to teams of co-authors, all of whom were under age 35. In 2010, the award process was modified to allow consideration of lead authors under age 35 years, whose co-authors are over age 35 years. This is in recognition of the fact that a majority of AAPG publications consist of teams of multiple authors. In such cases, the co-authors over age 35 years would receive a Certificate of Appreciation, although the award would be to the recognized lead author under age 35 years. This was approved by Executive Committee action on September 26, 2009.

If the same Bulletin paper is voted to receive both the Sproule and Pratt awards, that paper will receive the Pratt award: the Sproule award will go to the paper receiving the second-highest number of votes.

An author may receive the Sproule award for a paper and the Dott award for a Special Publication in which the paper is published.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Because eligible papers are published in the journals of Affiliated Societies, Sections, Regions, and Divisions as well as in the Bulletin and Special Publications of AAPG, it is imperative that editors of, and subscribers to, these journals assist the elected Editor of the Association in identifying outstanding papers for consideration. Since there are so many specialized fields pertinent to petroleum geology, the determination of eligibility of a particular paper may be difficult. In cases of uncertainty, this should be left to the Honors and Awards Committee.

Procedure for Recommendation

Nominations, together with copies or reprints of the papers and any other supporting data, should be submitted to the elected Editor before March 1 of the year following publication. Following a vote by the Associate Editors of the Bulletin, the elected Editor will submit his recommendations to the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee at Association Headquarters. Its recommendations will be submitted to the Advisory Council which will in turn submit its selection to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Description of Award

The award is $500.00 cash and a framed certificate bearing the name of the recipient, the title of the award-winning article, and the appropriate bibliographical reference. Co- authors under the age of 35 years share equally in the cash award and will receive a framed certificate and invited to accept the certificate in person at the Honors and Awards ceremony held at the AAPG Annual Convention.

Co-authors over 35 years will not share the cash award and will receive by mail a Certificate of Appreciation. Co-authors over 35 years will not be invited to accept the certificate in person at the Honors and Awards Ceremony held at the AAPG Annual Convention. Co-authors over 35 years will be recognized as co-authors in the Bulletin and Annual Convention program book by name and company.


This award was approved by Executive Committee action in 1970.


Funding for the award is provided through the AAPG Foundation Awards Fund through a generous contribution by the Sproule Family of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as a lasting memorial to John C. Sproule, 47th President of AAPG (1963-64).

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