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Division of Professional Affairs Awards

AAPG Honors and Awards
Life Membership 

The highest and most prestigious award to be given by the Division of Professional Affairs. 

Distinguished Service Award 

Awarded to individuals who have demonstrated distinguish service for the Division of Professional Affairs. 

Heritage Award 

The DPA Heritage Award is awarded to an individual that has excelled in the field of petroleum geology and through their endeavors, has inspired and mentored others in their quest. 

Certificate of Merit 

Awarded to members for participating in special DPA leadership activities, i.e. Vice chair of an ACE or ICE, Chair of a committee that completed a special service to the members. 

Recognition of Distinction 

An award given for special services to the DPA.

Past President’s Award 

Initiated to recognize a year of dedicated, energetic service to the Division by its past presidents. 

Special Award 

A unique award created for such special individual’s efforts and perseverance who have made an impact for the DPA. 

Best Paper 

Best technical paper presented at an AAPG Annual Meeting on behalf of the Division of Professional Affairs.

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