AAPG Student Member

About Student Membership

Dues $10 Per Year if paid by Student
$0 by requesting Chevron Sponsorship
Qualification Open to students in the geosciences
  • Student member dues will be paid by Chevron upon request
  • Membership in AAPG's EMD and DEG Divisions is free to students

Student membership is open to students majoring in geology or in a field of study related to or generally associated with geology at a college of acceptable academic standards.

Students have the option of having their dues paid by our corporate sponsor, Chevron, at no obligation to themselves.

  • Significantly-reduced dues ($10/yr)
  • Eligibility for Chevron scholarship to cover annual dues 
  • Access to AAPG EXPLORER - Electronic Edition
  • Access to AAPG BULLETIN - Electronic Edition
  • Access to Interpretation Journal - Electronic Edition
  • Discounted tuition for select educational opportunities
  • Discounted books
  • Access to the AAPG Career Center
  • Ability to join Energy Minerals Division (EMD) and Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG) free of charge
  • Student members of DEG have online access to DEG’s Environmental Geosciences journal
Industry Invests in AAPG Students

Chevron - Corporate Sponsor for Student membershipsAAPG's Corporate Sponsorship Program is an investment in you. Currently it is sponsored exclusively by Chevron. Under this program, Chevron will pay the dues of any AAPG Student member if the Student member requests that option. Additionally, the Corporate Sponsorship program will pay the dues of AAPG Members that serve as faculty advisors to Active AAPG Student Chapters.

Any AAPG Student may take advantage of this generous support from Chevron by completing the application process or selecting the "Yes" box on the Student member renewal form. If you do NOT elect to receive corporate sponsorship, please ensure that you are logged into the AAPG website in order to renew. Click the 'My Profile' option in the upper right after login and then choose Pay Dues from the actions heading on the profile page. New applicants are also eligible to receive sponsorship when applying as a Student.

Any Division dues are not covered by the Corporate Sponsorship Program. However, there are no dues for Student members of the Energy Minerals Division and the Division of Environmental Geoscience. These two Divisions provide information and opens up a part of the geoscience community with expertise in energy minerals, alternative energy resources and environmental concerns.

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