The length of your memorial should be no more than 800 words or three double-spaced typewritten pages. If the memorial was created on computer, please send it to us on a CD or through E-mail (). A digital photo may also be sent on CD or by e-mail.

Please send a recent photo to publish with the memorial. A black and white photo gives best reproduction, but we can use a color photo or even a snapshot. We will return the photo to you (upon request) after the memorial is published. If you send a digital photo, please send a portrait approximately two inches wide, at a resolution of 240 to 300 dpi, saved as a tiff or jpg.

We suggest that you stress information on professional activities, but more personal information and anecdotes are also welcome. The memorials published in recent issues of the Bulletin will give you ideas for format.

Send the memorial to the attention of:

Andrea Sharrer
AAPG Bulletin Editor
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101-0979
Phone: (918)560-2671
Fax: (918) 560-2632

AAPG sends complimentary copies of the Bulletin after publication for the immediate family. Please tell us how many copies will be needed, and furnish the address.