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Benefits and Services

The membership of this Association have come together to Network, Engage and Talk about the geological sciences with an emphasis upon the exploration of petroleum. The purpose of AAPG is to promote and encourage scientific research in their efforts to advance the science of geology while promoting technological breakthrough. All this culminating together to inspire high professional conduct among its membership.

In its efforts to fulfill these goals AAPG works diligently to become vital to the careers of its membership and the industry it serves by providing publications, conferences, and educational and training opportunities throughout the world.

North American

Every year AAPG holds two meetings with a worldwide focus. The Annual Convention & Exhibition is considered to be the world’s most comprehensive and important convention for petroleum exploration and development geologists. ACE is a North American event, typically held in the spring, whose annual host city is chosen from among the six sections of our Association on a rotating basis.


The International Conference & Exhibition is held later in the year – usually the fall. Though somewhat smaller in scale than its North American counterpart, ICE boasts significant industry impact as its host country rotates among the six international Regions of the AAPG. Both meetings draw tremendous industry interest and feature an exhibition hall, simultaneous sessions for presenting papers, and networking opportunities allowing members to build and mutually benefit from professional relationships with their colleagues and peers. AAPG has recently partnered with SEG to build up this international opportunity for all membership.


Sections and Regions of the AAPG regularly organize meetings within their geographical areas. These events consist of membership and affiliated societies who come together to present papers, see exhibits, and share experiences both personal and professional. 


Annual Student Expos link geoscience students with industry recruiters as well as provide networking opportunities to share resumes, present research and interview with multiple employers.


AAPG publishes and produces many resources to disseminate the scientific research and case studies of its membership. These include not only books and CDs, but peer-reviewed journals and news resources. EXPLORER is the Association’s monthly news magazine, while BULLETIN is our industry-leading peer-reviewed journal. Both are available in both print and online for convenient access.


Datapages—an upstream producer of digital information for the petroleum industry—is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAPG. Datapages not only provides digital access to the BULLETIN, but also offers an online technical journal, Search and Discovery. Datapages actively works to bring the digital libraries of other geoscience organizations into its ever-growing digital collection.


The AAPG Foundation exists to support the geosciences. Since 1967, the AAPG Foundation has provided funding for a variety of educational and research programs benefiting the geologic profession as well as the general public.

By supporting the programs of the Foundation, you promote K-12 geoscience education, help to fund scholarships and grants to aspiring geoscience students at colleges and universities around the world, and send Distinguished Lecturers down the street and across the globe to disseminate their hard-won knowledge and experience to grateful audiences of students and professionals.

Through the financial support of many generous donors, the AAPG Foundation reaches thousands of people each year.


There is no better way to grow your career than through engaging with others in your profession. Learning experiences not only enhance your skills but also foster new relationships with your colleagues and peers. What better experience is there than a shared one?

AAPG offers a tremendous variety of training to fit all budgets and schedules. In-person training opportunities range from single-day Forums and Short Courses to multi-day Field Seminars. We offer geoscience Workshops to highlight new industry technologies and problem-solving techniques as well as Research Symposia to facilitate and disseminate scholarly dialogs. Our seasonal Education Conferences offer four concurrent sessions over the course of a five-day week allowing you to mix and match your training to suit your needs.

The Distinguished Lecture (DL) and Visiting Geoscientist (VG) programs bring top-tier geoscience lecturers to your society or student chapter. Request on-site lectures from a DL or learn more about your next steps in the petroleum industry by inviting a VG to your university. In both cases, your community will benefit from the hard-won experience and scholarship of our traveling industry experts. The DL and VG programs are fully funded through the AAPG Foundation. All membership are eligible to join the Foundation and support these programs.


AAPG's Imperial Barrel Award Program (IBA) is an annual prospective basin evaluation competition for geoscience graduate students from universities around the world. University teams compete to win scholarship funds for their geoscience departments as well as for the international recognition that comes from competing in and winning the competition. The program is both rigorous and exciting and contributes to AAPG's mission of promoting petroleum geoscience training and advancing the careers of aspiring geoscientists.

In this global competition, university teams analyze a dataset (geology, geophysics, land, production infrastructure, and other relevant materials) in the eight weeks prior to their local competition. Each team delivers their results in a 25-minute presentation to a panel of industry experts. Students have the chance to use state of the art technology on a real dataset, receive feedback from an industry panel, impress potential employers in the audience, and win cash awards for their school. Expert judges select the winning team on the basis of the technical quality, clarity and originality of presentation.

The IBA is a hands-on opportunity for students to experience the creative process and the high-tech science that is the foundation of the Energy Industry today.


Long-time members of the AAPG are eager to share how they gleaned the greatest benefits from their membership by volunteering to serve their fellow members.

Share Your Knowledge

Watch for opportunities to share your knowledge. Consider answering a call for abstracts in order to share your knowledge through a paper presentation or submit a paper to one of our peer-reviewed journals or a special publication.

Provide Feedback

There are never enough judges to help listen to the papers presented at meetings. Taking the time to actively listen to the research offered and then giving feedback through the judging form helps you grow in your knowledge while the presenter benefits from your feedback.

Serve On a Committee

There is always a committee that could have a seat with your name on it. With close to 40 standing committees, AAPG membership work to develop content for programs and for this website, to help young professionals develop their careers, and to provide opportunities for women in our industry. Coordinating their efforts through the committees of the association, the membership advances, not just our science, but opportunities to leave a legacy for those who follow.


Hedberg Research Conferences are organized from time to time as the AAPG Research Committee selects a topic for critical examination. The Committee then invites scientists from various disciplines to discuss state-of-the-art concepts, methodologies, case histories and future directions relating to the subject at hand.

Sister societies often combine resources with AAPG to bring these Research Conferences to the industry.

Online Forums

New to AAPG are the discussion forums on this website. Membership is encouraged to share questions and answers across all disciplines within the petroleum geosciences, as well as on topics of alternative energy resources, the environment, and other topics of interest to the geoscience community. Likewise, student chapters are encouraged to use the forums to build relationships with one another and industry professionals. We encourage you to register to use this site in order to Network, Engage and Talk with your colleagues and peers throughout the world.


Using their login credentials to access AAPG’s online Store, membership receives discounts when registering for events and purchasing both physical and digital products.

Books, maps and CDs are just some of the products offered in the Store. Plus, membership  may register for an Education Event such as a short course, e-Symposium, field seminar or geosciences technology workshops (GTWs), to name just a few. These in-person or online training events are just a click away.

A large number of digital products, such as maps, recordings of past e-Symposia, self-paced online training opportunities and much more, are available for immediate access and download.

Certificate and Code of Ethics

Through their online profile page, membership may print a Membership Certificate, suitable for framing, that documents the date they joined this Association. Their record is updated annually, so they can always have an up-to-date certificate in their frame. Likewise, the Code of Ethics by which all membership agree to abide is available for print.

Car Rental Discounts

Also available through My Profile page are special discounts with either AVIS or Budget car rentals. From this area of the website, one may simply click on the company of choice to access the discounted AAPG member rate. 

Group Insurance Plans

Many individuals of our Association work independently within the industry. Thus, the GeoCare Benefits Group Insurance Program was established to offer our memberships’ families a broad range of stable, reliable insurance plans, all offering exceptional value at affordable group rates.

Oklahoma Central Credit Union Membership

AAPG membership families are also eligible for membership with Oklahoma Central Credit Union. This full service credit union offers online banking, a full menu of lending and savings options, as well as direct deposit, payroll deductions and free checking. Call 1 (800) 444-OCCU or 1 (918) 664-6000 to talk to a Member Service Representative.

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