We’re a region of full of energy and diversity and home to a world-renown geoscience community. Twenty first century Latin America is an exciting time both for science and for industry.

Countries from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego are producing oil and gas at record levels, and the region’s total production stands at around nine million barrels of oil per day. There is significant undiscovered potential in the region, both in conventional and unconventional resources. Pre-salt discoveries in Brazil and the heavy oil activities in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela exemplify the potential of conventional resources, while the Vaca Muerta formations in Argentina and La Luna formations in Colombia and Venezuela illustrate our unconventional potential.

This oil and gas boom is demanding more and better-educated engineers and geoscientists, and that’s where AAPG steps into the picture.

The AAPG Latin America Region has designed an ambitious set of plans to serve members in the Region and to advance the science of geology. Recent accomplishments include the highly successful International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) in Cartagena in September 2013, Geoscience Technology Workshops and Education Weeks held in five countries, the formation of new Student and Young Professionals chapters throughout the region, and the establishment of a regional office in Bogotá, Colombia.

Future goals include enhancing AAPG’s science and technology offerings, expanding the membership base and increasing engagement from diverse companies and individuals throughout the region.

The future looks bright for Latin America. We invite you to join us as we work to advance our science, build partnerships and promote the value of AAPG.

Federico Martin Seminario Federico Martin Seminario President (2021-2023) Independant Consultant +51943128394
Elvira Pureza Gomez Hernandez Elvira Pureza Gomez Hernandez Past President (2021-2023) CNOOC International +57 3208655136
Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Ravi Moonan President Elect (2021-2023) Touchstone Exploration 1868 348 8035
Flover Gregorio Rodriguez Portillo Flover Gregorio Rodriguez Portillo Vice President (2021-2023) ACGGP 011577 6383783
Ana Maria Goncalves Ana Maria Goncalves Secretary Treasurer (2021-2023) YPFB Chaco
Victor O. Ramirez Victor O. Ramirez Advisory Councilor (2020-2023) independent +573102170082

The House of Delegates of the AAPG is made up of delegates from affiliated societies and international regions throughout the world. They are selected by popular vote from within their respective areas and serve a three year term.

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