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How OPEC+ Could Send Oil Prices Soaring Again - 28 September, 2022 7:30 AM

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07 Oct

2nd Edition: Integrated Emerging Exploration Concepts: Challenges, Future Trends and Opportunities - Call For Poster Abstracts Expires in 6 days

Emerging TechnologyMiddle East Region - ...Saudi Arabia
15 Oct

Mixed/Hybrid Systems (Turbidite, MTDs and Contourites) on Continental Margins - Call for Abstracts Expires in 14 days

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Clastics, Deepwater TurbiditesEurope Region - ...Portugal
16 Dec

Petroleum Systems of the Middle East Member Call for Abstracts Expires in 76 days

Basin Modeling and GeochemistryMiddle East Region - ...Oman