The Europe Region (ER) video library includes a collection of recordings from virtual events, including the Let's Connect Visiting Geoscientist series. Videos are available for viewing on demand.

This presentation and demonstration will focus on a machine learning workflow in the upstream Oil and Gas domain to predict formation tops by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to learn the well logs signatures. This deep learning model provides high quality predictions to aid the geologists in picking lithology markers consistently and in an accelerated fashion thus boosting their operational efficiency. The self-learning model, which is a unique differentiator of dataVediK and encompasses the detection of outliers and data quality issues and their subsequent validation and suggested corrections to improve the quality of data in an automated fashion during the model training process. The demo will then showcase a real-time drilling solution built using this ML model, whereby the formation tops are predicted, and the structural model is updated automatically as the GR log is acquired.
This talk examines what we are missing the use of in terms of waste heat in both the petroleum industry and long abandoned coal industry of the UK, how we might use that heat and what the collateral benefits of heat use would be in terms of sustainability and the circular economy.
Join us as Jane Whaley, geologist and Editor-in-Chief of GEO ExPro Magazine, interviews Gretchen Gillis, President-Elect of AAPG, about her experiences as a woman in the oil-and-gas industry.
Ray Leonard will be talking to us about 'Climate Change, Covid-19 and the Effect on Energy’s Future'. Fossil fuels have led to a profound increase in world living standards but resulting emissions of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere are a primary factor in climate change. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has resulted in a significant decrease in world economic activity, which in turn has led to a major, if temporary, decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2. Join Ray Leonard via Zoom on June 15 at 12:00 GMT+1
Gil Machado is a Petroleum Exploration Geologist with a Ph.D in stratigraphy and source rock characterization. Gil's presentation 'Reducing Uncertainty and Increasing Chances of Success Using Biostratigraphy', will explore the role of biostratigraphy in the exploration workflow. Several success cases from around the World will be detailed, showing the uses of this discipline for sedimentation age determination, paleoenvironmental interpretation and source rock characterization.
A geophysicist with extensive worldwide experience in exploration, appraisal and development settings gained at BG group, Alan Foum will talk about future energy demand modelling in terms of oil, gas and electricity including renewables with his presentation 'Petroleum Perspectives, Past Present and Future'


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