The James A. Hartman Service to Students Award, established in 2006, honors those members whose support of students deserves recognition. The award is named after James A. Hartman, the principal founder of student chapters, the first chair of the student chapter committee, and a devout supporter of the program. This award commemorates Mr. Hartman’s legacy and is the most  prestigious award given by the AAPG Student Chapter Committee.



Bryant Robert Fulk


Richard William Ball


William Paul Bosworth


William S. Houston

Peter MacKenzie


Katharine Lee Avary


Steven Loring Veal

Connie Lynn Mongold


Charles A. Caughey


Robert Charles Shoup


William Edward Hottman

Susan A. Waters


Robert Travis Clarke


Martha Lou Broussard


Russell Larell Nielson

The guidelines for the award are below and in essence require that a student chapter be active to receive the award. The Student Chapter Committee when evaluating the best student chapter reports seek out enthusiastic student chapters that capitalize on opportunities to enrich the experiences of its membership. Those chapters that best communicate the breadth of its activities and the impact it has on formulating the education and professional demeanor of its membership will be considered for the outstanding student chapter award.


Must be an Active Student Chapter and have submitted the mid-year and end of year reports to AAPG. This means maintaining membership numbers (have at least 9 AAPG student members) and have at least 1 faculty sponsor who is an AAPG member.

Evaluations will be based on quality and detail of reports.

  • Activities: such as bringing in outside speakers, having field trips, community outreach or hosting special events.
  • Participation in community outreach focused on proliferation of scientific education.
  • Participation in AAPG Benefits and Programs: attendance of AAPG events such as ACE, ICE or Student Expos, and participation in events such as IBA or AGI Earth Science Week.

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James A. Hartman Service to Students Award recipients, 2008 to present. Click to watch videos.

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