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Crude oil and natural gas infrastructure problems, from pipeline oil spills to train derailments and fires, have been in the news recently. Though these problems are not new, public concern is growing. Think tanks and government agencies have been considering the problems and potential solutions for some time and are now reporting the results of their studies. Here are reports of one oil and one natural gas infrastructure study.

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30 March, 2015 30 March, 2015 16054
30 March 2015

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists supports the opening of the United States Outer Continental Slope (OCS), including the Atlantic, to responsible oil and gas exploration and production. Now you can weigh in on what areas of the OCS should be open to future oil and natural gas development.



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AAPG has joined with other geoscience societies to brief congressional staff on basic scientific concepts on energy resources in a series of 1-hour congressional briefings highlighting the vital geoscience information needed for effective policy concerning energy, water, and land resources.

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