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Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), who authored the bill and shepherded it through the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee last fall, describe the bill as building on recent technological breakthroughs. "Its provisions will save energy, expand domestic production, facilitate investment in critical infrastructure, protect the electrical grid, boost energy trade, improve the performance of federal agencies, and reauthorize certain programs that have proven effective.”

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Geoscience provides insights into many issues that are critical to America’s future prosperity and quality of life: water quality, energy resources, natural hazards, soils, oceans and air. In this report, the 51 geoscience associations that comprise the American Geosciences Institute summarize current and future earth issues and invite policy makers to draw on their members’ expertise in developing policies important to the nation.

This report is the third issued in advance of a presidential and congressional election. Use this as a resource in talking with election candidates about their policy positions.Additional insights into each critical need are at http://americangeosciences.org/policy/critical-needs.

For copies of the printed report email: criticalneeds@agiweb.org.

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Colleen Newman Policy Communications Advisor +1 202 288 5337

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