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In developed countries such as the United States, energy subsidies are usually discussed in terms of tax preferences for renewable or fossil energy sources, or energy efficiency. In other parts of the world, led by Uzbekistan, subsidies take the form of government-funded reductions in retail prices for fossil fuels.

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10 September, 2014 26 May, 2015 12052
10 September 2014 - 26 May 2015

DOE recently announced a new crosscutting initiative, the Subsurface Technology and Engineering RD&D (SubTER) Tech Team. For the first time all DOE offices with interest in the subsurface are involved: Fossil Energy, Geothermal, Nuclear Energy, Energy Information Administration, Environmental Management, Office of Science and, ARPA-E. This RFI provides an opportunity for broad stakeholder input to aid SubTER in refining its priority initiatives. 

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AAPG President Lee Krystinik submits written testimony to House Energy and Water Development Appropriations subcommittee in support of U.S. Department of Energy programs

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Edith Allison Director, Geoscience and Energy Policy Office +1 202 643 6533
Colleen Newman Policy Communications Advisor +1 202 288 5337

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26 May

Department of Energy Requests Input on Subsurface Research Needs for Energy Technologies Expires in 237 days