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About the Program

The Visiting Geoscientist Program is designed to give students a chance to meet practicing geoscientists and to discuss geoscience career options. Speakers usually present a technical talk in their area of specialization as well as on career options and the best way to plan a career path. The speakers welcome an opportunity to discuss the changes which have taken place in the job market discuss new technical challenges.

Speakers are available to talk on many topics specific to petroleum geology and the geosciences including Environmental Geology, Energy Mineral. Hydrogeology, Oil and Gas, Unconventional  Resources, Climate Change, to name a few.

The Program was developed in 1974 by AAPG’s academic and industrial advisory committees. More than 200 colleges and universities have participated in the program which continues to grow through the interest and efforts of AAPG and the geoscience industry. It is a joint program of the AAPG and the AAPG Foundation.


The primary objective of the program is to provide a vehicle for better communication among students, faculty members, university administrators, and geosciences professionals. A forum such as the VG Program is an effective means of offering first-hand factual discussion on the current energy situation, the role of geology in society, new developments and resources, industrial aid to education, information of mutual concern to academia and industry and most importantly, careers in geosciences. This could include an array of geology fields.

Most VGs are prepared to give a technical talk which will illustrate the application of geology to real world problems. The VG is also prepared to speak on employment in the geosciences industry, or such information may be communicated through question and answer sessions.


The program is fully funded through the generosity of the Visiting Geoscientists, their companies, the AAPG Foundation and the AAPG.

The Visiting Geoscientist, or his/her employer, pays travel expenses to and from the college or university. The participating university is asked to provide lodging, meals and local transportation.

To facilitate visits from the Visiting Geoscientists, this website includes the geographical locations in which a Visiting Geoscientist is available. Since the Visiting Geoscientist or his employer pays travel expenses, the likelihood of acquiring a speaker who is located near your institution is the greatest.

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