AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshops (GTWs) deliver up-to-date technical content to AAPG members and the industry. Their agendas address the question “How are we doing it now?” through an examination of the latest practices as illustrated with case studies and field examples. The focus is on the sharing of information among knowledgeable individuals in a highly-interactive environment.

Attendees, practitioners and scientists have an opportunity to discuss real cases, issues, and experiences. GTWs follow two tracks for discussion: research and application. Joint workshops are produced in cooperation with other societies, expanding their scope to an even broader spectrum of participants and geoscience topics.

San Antonio Texas United States 09 March, 2015 11 March, 2015 12241
San Antonio, Texas, United States
9-11 March 2015
A Joint AAPG-STGS Geosciences Technology Workshop

With dramatically lower oil prices, it is more important than ever to optimize the productive zones within the Eagle Ford. This year's GTW will focus on case studies, experiences, and new applications of technologies that have been used to pinpoint sweet spots, identify understimulated zones, locate bypassed / stranded pay, and thus successfully optimize production. Techniques will include lesson learned and case studies on re-fracturing, geochemistry, integrated reservoir characterization and more.

Oslo Norway 16 March, 2015 19 March, 2015 10890
Oslo, Norway
16-19 March 2015
Proactive Reservoir Management – PRM and Beyond

Permanent Reservoir Monitoring, also known as Life-of-Field Seismic, using permanently installed seismic cables, has been characterized by a few key marker projects but did not reach mainstream status during its first ten years. However, since the start of its second decade we have witnessed a flurry of new projects and activity so far, both in the Americas (Brazil) and Europe (Norway). Within a time span of about three years, these efforts combined are already dwarfing the efforts of the first 10 years.

Kuwait City Kuwait 23 March, 2015 25 March, 2015 15880
Kuwait City, Kuwait
23-25 March 2015
This three-day workshop will be dedicated to sharing knowledge, ideas, and workflows pertaining to exploration and development of hydrocarbon bearing clastic reservoirs in the Middle East. The workshop will emphasize case studies involving field and outcrop scale reservoir characterization as well as regional depositional models and their sequence stratigraphic framework.
Catania, Sicily Italy 16 April, 2015 17 April, 2015 12883
Catania, Sicily, Italy
16-17 April 2015

The conference will focus on several aspects of fractured reservoir characterization and it aims to bring together geoscientists and engineers from the industry and academia to share knowledge and lessons learned and to discuss options for future research.

Wellington New Zealand 21 April, 2015 23 April, 2015 10641
Wellington, New Zealand
21-23 April 2015
An AAPG Asia Pacific Geosciences Technology Workshop

Make plans to attend an AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) to be held in Wellington between 21-23 April, 2015. The workshop will comprise four half-day sessions focused on broad depositional environment settings. The aim is to better understand modern depositional systems, and how they can help us to better interpret ancient petroleum reservoirs.

Houston Texas United States 28 April, 2015 29 April, 2015 12948
Houston, Texas, United States
28-29 April 2015
An AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop

All shale plays are different, and all shale plays shed light on other shale plays. Join experts to discuss world shale plays and share the “lessons learned” in dealing with a wide variety of lithologies, reservoir conditions, and degrees of heterogeneity.

Dubai United Arab Emirates 11 May, 2015 13 May, 2015 12236
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11-13 May 2015
An SEG/AAPG Middle East Joint Geosciences Technology Workshop

Check the website for details as they develop.

Buenos Aires Argentina 11 May, 2015 12 May, 2015 14137
Buenos Aires, Argentina
11-12 May 2015

Join leading scientists and industry practitioners at Extending Mature Fields’ Life Cycles: the Role of New Technologies & Integrated Strategies, a Geoscience Technology Workshop (GTW) organized by the AAPG Latin America Region and the Asociación Argentina de Geólogos y Geofísicos Petroleros (AAGGP).

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia 26 May, 2015 27 May, 2015 11474
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
26-27 May 2015
Save the Date

This workshop will bring key knowledge holders of the region and give the opportunities to those who are interested to exchange ideas. The objective of the workshop is to provide a big picture  of the geology of the region, understand the knowledge gap and hopefully provide a steer for future research projects

Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 28 September, 2015 30 September, 2015 16518
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
28-30 September 2015
An AAPG Middle East Geosciences Technology Workshop

Save the date for this AAPG Middle East GTW to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Watch this web page for updates.

05 October, 2015 07 October, 2015 13097
5-7 October 2015

This workshop is the outgrowth of continued cooperation between AAPG & EAGE to develop a series of multi-disciplined gatherings dedicated to understanding, completing & producing tight sandstone & carbonate reservoirs.

Dubai United Arab Emirates 02 November, 2015 04 November, 2015 13098
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2-4 November 2015

Save the date for this AAPG Middle East GTW to be held in Doha, Qatar. Watch this web page for updates.

Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 23 November, 2015 25 November, 2015 16396
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
23-25 November 2015
An AAPG Middle East Geosciences Technology Workshop

Save the date for this AAPG Middle East GTW to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Watch this web page for updates.

Muscat Oman 18 January, 2016 20 January, 2016 16517
Muscat, Oman
18-20 January 2016
A joint AAPG/EAGE Middle East Geosciences Technology Workshop

Save the date for this AAPG Middle East GTW to be held in Muscat, Oman. Watch this web page for updates.

Muscat Oman 01 February, 2016 03 February, 2016 16516
Muscat, Oman
1-3 February 2016
An AAPG Middle East GTW

Save the date for this AAPG Middle East GTW to be held in Muscat, Oman. Watch this page for updates.

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