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Where did “Education” go?

According to the feedback from my colleagues in AAPG’s Education department this question is being asked frequently.

The answer is: look under CAREER.

I believe there is nothing like a good explanation to help someone remember an answer.

The CAREER tab is the focus of this wwwUpdate.

Motive for Change

According to a February 2014 a report highlighted in CNN’s Money [] mobile devices surpassed laptop and desktop computers as the tool to surf the web. They also noted that the purchase of PCs suffered their worst decline ever last year.

Facts such as this, demand web developers sit up and pay attention.

We were motivated.

If you recall, the previous version of the AAPG website was a bit of a jungle to navigate through. Add the possibility of viewing it on a mobile device and your AAPG web team had a challenge to overcome.

We needed to simplify the navigation for access via mobile devices.

Merging the content was a bit like what happens in an industry where companies begin to grow by merging with other companies. When those mergers take place it usually involves a name change with some redefinition to all parts involved.

Hostile Takeover?

In the CAREER tab you find the complete merger of all content involved in a career.

  • Training – both in person and online
  • Jobs – both to be filled or the people to fill them
  • Participation – both to give back and to be given of

There is a subtle difference here that influenced the choice made.

We asked ourselves “what is the difference between ‘education’ and ‘training’?”

When you read the definition of each you learn that “education” is associated with a university or a school giving instruction where “training” focuses on the skill taught or knowledge imparted.

Boiled down like this, the choice became easy.

First, AAPG is not a school or university.

Then, as we looked at the content the Education department offers we quickly saw refinement to the “book-learning” of memberships’ college days. Skills were being honed and experience was being imparted to enhance and improve participants’ knowledge to help them advance in their careers.

At this point the decision to merge Education content with other career-centric content was sealed.

However, it does take some getting used to.

Next month we will examine the final results of the merger of the Education events, job listings and addition of volunteer opportunities.

Good browsing!