Professional Women in Earth Sciences (PROWESS) Committee

The mission of this committee is to increase participation and advancement of women in Earth sciences and the Energy Industry, with an emphasis on education, outreach, support, leadership development, and ultimately retention. The PROWESS Committee will interact with women in Earth science, their male peers and employers, educational institutions, and professional societies to accomplish this mission.


Katharine Lee Avary Katharine Lee Avary Co-Chair 2012-2015
Barbara A. Tillotson Barbara A. Tillotson Co-Chair 2014-2017 ConocoPhillips
Carol Cain McGowen Carol Cain McGowen Staff Liaison 2006-2017 American Association of Petr. Geologists
Laura Cutright Zahm Laura Cutright Zahm Committee Manager 2011-2017
Richard William Ball Richard William Ball Executive Committee Liaison 2013-2015 Chevron
Edith C. Allison MEMBER 2006-2017 AAPG
Katharine Lee Avary MEMBER 2006-2015
Tania C. Campbell MEMBER 2012-2015 Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
Lauren Alexis Cassel MEMBER 2012-2015 Devon
Denise M. Cox MEMBER 2011-2016 Storm Energy
Ashley S.B. Douds MEMBER 2010-2016 EQT Production
Vlastimila Dvorakova MEMBER 2008-2017 Czech Geological Survey
Tracey Edwards MEMBER 2013-2016 Chevron
Robbie Rice Gries MEMBER 2014-2017 Priority Oil & Gas LLC
Amanda G. Haddad MEMBER 2012-2015 BHP Billiton
Eve Iversen MEMBER 2012-2015
Alicia Kahn MEMBER 2011-2017 Chevron ETC
Amanda Lynne Kern MEMBER 2012-2015 OXY
Marian E. Kramer MEMBER 2013-2016 Chevron
Linda S. Kyle MEMBER 2012-2015 Anadarko
Rosemary Laidacker MEMBER 2013-2016 Chevron (Contract)
Patricia Lee MEMBER 2012-2015 Hunt Oil
Vivian Lin MEMBER 2012-2015
Lisa A. McLaughlin MEMBER 2013-2016 Dewbre Petroleum
Evelyn A. Medvin MEMBER 2007-2017 Core Laboratories
Jessica Pierson Moore MEMBER 2012-2015 West Virginia Geological Survey
Jessica Moore MEMBER 2006-2017 Chevron
Maryam Nasizadeh MEMBER 2012-2015 Quantum Resources Management
Amy Kathryn Noack MEMBER 2008-2017 Concho Resources
Elizabeth S. Petrie MEMBER 2012-2015 Western State Colorado University
Jeanne S.F. Phelps MEMBER 2012-2015 Phelps Geoscience LLC
Kumkum B. Ray MEMBER 2013-2016 DOI/BOEM
Margaret Zoe Smoot MEMBER 2012-2015 Texas A&M University
Marie-Stella Sonuga MEMBER 2008-2017 Garnet Energy Services
Vanja M. Stevanovic MEMBER 2012-2015
Shannon Cheree Stover MEMBER 2012-2015 BP
Edna Cecilia Sullivan MEMBER 2014-2017 XL Strata Inc.
Sarah N. Sweeney MEMBER 2012-2015
Barbara A. Tillotson MEMBER 2012-2015 ConocoPhillips
Jennifer Tomblin MEMBER 2012-2015 Sandridge Energy
Eryn T. Torres MEMBER 2012-2015 LINN Energy
Kathleen Poole Urbis MEMBER 2012-2015 Silverback Exploration
Ann M. Vasko MEMBER 2009-2015 Consultant
Keri Vinas MEMBER 2012-2015
Sheila A. Wilkins MEMBER 2013-2016 GulfSlope Energy Inc.
Lisa RaLynn Wolff MEMBER 2012-2015 Tamarack Oil and Gas
Katerina Yared MEMBER 2012-2015 APACHE CORPORATION
Laura Cutright Zahm MEMBER 2014-2017


Carol McGowen Manager of Sections & Regions Development +1 918-560-9403
Karin Alyea Administrative Assistant, Sections & Regions +1 918 560 9407