Developed in 1941, the Distinguished Lecture Program continues to be AAPG’s oldest and most prestigious program. Funded in part by the AAPG Foundation, the program offers outstanding lectures by speakers who are respected scientific leaders in their disciplines of petroleum geology. Anyone can attend the lectures, which are hosted by AAPG affiliated geological societies or university departments.


North American Roster International Roster

North American Program

Lecturers are sent to AAPG affiliated geological societies and university and college geoscience departments throughout North America, including Canada. There are several named Distinguished Lecture Tours including the Allan P. Bennison Tour, the Haas-Pratt Tour and the J. Ben Carsey Tour. The North American Program also offers an intersociety lecturer with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).  

Abstracts and biographical data on this site feature the Distinguished Lecturers slated for the current Tour Season.

International Program

AAPG offers two named International Distinguished Lecture Tours, the Roy M. Huffington Tour and the Dean A. McGee Tour.  Hosts include AAPG affiliated geological societies and geoscience departments of universities and colleges throughout chosen international regions. International Distinguished Lecturers devote three to six weeks to their tour. AAPG's five international regions include: Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.


The Distinguished Lecturer Program is partially funded by the AAPG Foundation and administered by AAPG Staff with oversight by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee.

AAPG pays the Distinguished Lecturer's (DL) airfare costs to the host city.  Once the DL is in the Host City, the Hosting Society or University is responsible for providing lodging, meals and local transportation for up to two days.

Distinguished Lecture Tour Guidelines for Host Chairperson

The following information outlines the terms, guidelines and expectations of AAPG with the hosting society or university.

  • To schedule our lecturers to speak to the largest audiences by traveling the shortest distance
  • To schedule speakers to every society or university making a request, even if doing so entails a financial loss to AAPG
  • To send speakers on the dates requested. Again, in the interest of minimizing travel, this is extremely difficult. It is doubly difficult to schedule lecturers on prescribed dates in out-of-the-way cities or those with poor air service.

Distinguished Lecturers are unpaid volunteers who devote three or four weeks to AAPG during their very demanding tour schedule. Talks before two societies or universities in a single day are common. Between lectures, DL's worry about transportation delays, flight connections and finding their way in unfamiliar cities. For these reasons, our Distinguished Lecturers are not expected to give more than the scheduled number of talks. The ideal schedule for a lecturer is one scheduled lecture per stop and, possibly, one informal seminar or question-and-answer period with students or society members.

If a host organization has a request for extra time with a speaker, please contact Lorry Oldefest at AAPG Headquarters. An attempt will be made to adjust the speaker’s schedule to permit extra time for more interaction if the lecturer approves. Multiple lectures will be permitted only when arranged in advance.

Our lecturers are pleased and flattered when dinners and/or receptions are held for them or when they are invited to homes for meals. However, this is often difficult to continue nightly for two consecutive weeks. We encourage entertainment; but please allow the lecturers to retire gracefully at a reasonable hour if they so choose.

It is gratifying that we get innumerable requests for speakers to spend weekends at universities or with geological society hosts. These are opportunities to renew or establish friendships, to take field trips in areas of joint interest and to exchange ideas. Although our lecturers are not to be exploited on weekends, a day’s meals and lodging is often considered to be an insignificant price to pay for additional contact with an expert in his/her field.  Likewise, it is distressing to learn that a lecturer has been virtually isolated in a small hotel over a weekend following a Friday lecture, without further word from local society members, university faculty or students. Please take special care that this does not occur.


To offset part of the travel expenses and administrative costs of the Distinguished Lecture Program, host organizations are responsible for a share of tour costs. Lecture Fees are set in accordance with the size of the sponsoring organization. AAPG lecture fees are as follows:

Societies with 300 or more members $525
Societies with less than 300 members $365
University Departments $300 waived

Each host organization is responsible for the AAPG fee, local lodging, meals, and ground transportation while the lecturer is in the host city (not to exceed two days unless otherwise discussed). Since DL's work the normal five day week, the Friday host organization is required to also pay expenses for Saturday and the Monday host is required to pay for Sunday. Hotel, meal, and travel expenses should be paid directly by the host; however, any expenses not paid by the hosting organization will be billed with the applicable fee at the end of the tour. 



Once lecture schedules are confirmed, it is virtually impossible to make last minute changes. For this reason, NO cancellation of speakers may be made less than two weeks prior to the scheduled lecture date. If a host organization cancels a lecture after this deadline, they will be required to pay the lecture fee, unless another host organization can be easily substituted.

Our lecturers are committed to AAPG for the length of the tour season, September 1 to May 31. All requests for Distinguished Lectures during this period must be directed to AAPG Headquarters. A lecturer may present his talk to his local society, and no fee will be charged; but this is the only exception.


In the process of solidifying a lecturer’s tour, the host organization will receive an email with the proposed dates of the Distinguished Lecturer’s tour. Once the proposed dates are confirmed, a Travel Itinerary form will be emailed to the host to provide hotel reservation and ground transportation arrangements. Please complete this as soon as you receive it in order for the DL Coordinator to solidify tours as quickly as possible. It is imperative that hosts refer to the lecturer's itinerary for final flight arrival and departure times.

If an alternate program chair plans to host the lecturer’s visit instead of the submitting contact, please convey the importance of referring only to the Itinerary for the scheduled lecture date. If you have particular issues, please contact the Lecture Coordinator, Lorry Oldefest at 918-560-2621, who will do all she can to assist you.

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Dr. Phillip (Phil) Lars Manning

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