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At the 3P Arctic Conference & Exhibition this September, Dr. Jonathan Bujak will tell attendees about a plant that has the potential to help reduce today’s climate change. 

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The program is beginning to unfold for the APPEX Regional in Nice, France organized by AAPG’s Europe Region and Africa Region. This 2015 APPEX Regional focuses on exploration and production opportunities spanning the Atlantic Margin, from South America to Northern Europe - from "Pole to Pole".

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AAPG Europe and PESGB are pleased to launch a series of full day technical workshops, to be held on the third Tuesday of every month beginning in November.
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AAPG Europe’s latest GTW ‘Fractured Reservoirs: the Geological, Geophysical and Engineering tools to crack them’ conference provided us with the opportunity to visit the island of Sicily, steeped in both beauty, and an active geological history. And what is a trip to Sicily without a visit to the tallest volcano in Europe?

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