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Energy Summit 2024: Security, Strategy and Transition

Tuesday, 19 November Thursday, 21 November 2024, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Punta Del Este, Uruguay

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Plan now to be a part of the 2024 Energy Summit, hosted by the AAPG’s Latin America and Caribbean Region, taking place at the Enjoy Punta del Este Resort in Punta del Este, Uruguay on 19-21 November 2024.

The Energy Summit is an executive level event connecting decision makers working to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for communities throughout the world.

Enjoy keynote presentations and panel discussions with industry and government leaders who will share insights about E&P activities, decarbonization strategies, and technological advances shaping the region’s energy future. Meet privately with current and future partners at the Business-to-Business session held on-site during the event.

About the Energy Summit

The AAPG Energy Summit builds on the success of AAPG Energy Opportunities Conferences held in Cartagena Colombia in 2018 and Mexico City, Mexico in 2023, and the Energy Opportunities Executive Forums and a Virtual Conference held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On average, 48 percent of Energy Opportunities event attendees held the position of CEO, Vice President, Director or Commissioner.

Our success stems from our compelling multidisciplinary programs including a diverse group of 50 speakers representing 40+ organizations.

The 2024 Energy Summit has a different name but a similar format. The event convenes executives and business professionals from national and international companies; government officials; and leaders from the technology, legal and financial sectors to explore new opportunities, network, and share strategies for success in an industry working to maintain energy security while moving toward a decarbonized economy.

The 2-day includes plenary sessions and panel discussions, International Pavilion presentations featuring investment opportunities in oil and gas and renewable resources, and an exhibition showcasing the latest trends and technologies shaping the energy sector.

While attending the Summit, visit our Business-to-Business (B2B) session, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet one-on-one with current and prospective partners in private conference rooms.

Officials from regulatory agencies and ministries are invited to arrive a day early and attend a private meeting designed to promote regional integration among entities working to develop energy policy and regulations for hydrocarbons and for renewable energies in their countries.

Executive Panels

The core of the Energy Summit program, executive panels feature insights and interactive discussions with decision makers dedicated to tackling the hottest issues facing the energy sector today.

Panel session topics include:

  • Atlantic Conjugate Margins: A New Frontier, Part I – Argentina, Uruguay, Namibia, South Africa
  • Atlantic Conjugate Margins: A New Frontier, Part II – Brazil, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria
  • Regulatory Considerations for Hydrocarbons and Renewable Energies
  • Applying Unconventional Resources Technologies to the Energy Transition
  • Decarbonization Strategies and Renewable Energy Sources
    • Hydrogen
    • Critical Minerals
    • Wind Energy
    • CCUS

Check back for additional information and speakers.

International Pavilion

The AAPG International Pavilion is pleased to be participating at AAPG’s Inaugural Energy Summit Conference in Punta del Este hosted by longtime IP participant ANCAP.

The International Pavilion (IP) provides a worldwide showcase for NOCs, Ministries, and government agencies to promote a broad spectrum of investment opportunities in Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Mineral Resources, Hydrogen and Renewable Energy generation and to share government strategies for moving toward a low-carbon economy.

The International Pavilion has two exciting offerings at the 2024 Energy Summit:

  • IP Stands – a dedicated area exhibition showcasing recent activity and exploration opportunities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • IP Theatre – a program track featuring 20-minute presentations delivered by IP exhibitors

Visiting the stands and attending theatre presentations give Summit attendees the chance to meet with government and NOC representatives and get a first-hand look at opportunities to help countries meet increased energy demand while reducing their carbon footprint.

B2B Session

Taking place throughout the Summit, ongoing Business-to-Business (B2B) sessions give attendees the opportunity to meet one-on-one with current and prospective partners in private conference rooms located at the event venue.
A few weeks prior to the Summit, attendees interested in participating in the B2B sessions will complete a questionnaire identifying the companies and individuals they would like to meet with during their time in Punta del Este. Participants can set up meetings prior to the event or simply request a room while on site.

Energy Summit 2024: Security, Strategy and Transition
Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Punta Del EsteMaldonado
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Hector Barrett de Santa Ana Hector de Santa Ana Honorary Chair Strategic Business Management Advisor, ANCAP, Uruguay
Fernanda Raggio Fernanda Raggio General Co-Chair Vice President of Upstream - Conventional , YPF S.A., Argentina
Victor H. Vega Victor Vega General Co-Chair Vice President Exploration, Development and Reserves, Frontera Energy, USA
Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Moonan Organizing Committee Exploration Manager, Touchstone Exploration, President, AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region, Trinidad and Tobago
Carlos Macellari, PhD Carlos Macellari Organizing Committee Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Consultant, President-Elect, AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region, Spain
Santiago Ferro Santiago Ferro Organizing Committee Energy Transition Manager, ANCAP, Uruguay
Bruno Conti Bruno Conti Organizing Committee Energy Transition Professional, ANCAP, Uruguay
Carlos Garibaldi Carlos Garibaldi Organizing Committee Executive Secretary, ARPEL, Uruguay
Andrea Lopez Vega Andrea Lopez Vega Organizing Committee Reservoir Geologist, TotalEnergies, Angola
Max Henri Brouwers Max Brouwers Organizing Committee VP Exploration Europe, Russia and CIS, Getech, The Netherlands
Gina Godfrey International Pavilion Manager
Emily Smith Llinás AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Director
Alejandra López Díaz AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Marketing & Events Coordinator
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