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In 2008, Scott Tinker, 2008-09 President of AAPG, requested that alternative energy be included in EMD’s purview (see “Energy Myths, Realities & Paradoxes”). The EMD Executive Committee has discussed forming solar, wind, and biofuels committees to meet this request. During the EMD Mid-Year meeting of November, 2008 (Teleconference), Brian Cardott recommended that one inclusive committee be formed in the EMD called the “Renewable Energy Committee” containing various sub-committees of the various forms of potential energy under development. This was supported by several members. Mike Wiley suggested that hydropower be included in this committee as well. Vern Stefanic (AAPG Explorer) has expressed an interest in writing an article on the addition of this new committee to EMD. Jenkins requested that a motion be made to form the EMD Renewable Energy Committee containing wind, solar, etc. Art Johnson made the motion and it was seconded by Mike Wiley. Motion carried. Cretis Jenkins reported the formation of this new committee to the AAPG Executive Committee (SEE 2008 EMD MEETING).

The next year, as part of EMD’s re-newed efforts to improve cooperation between the EMD, DEG, DPA, and AAPG Committees, a joint meeting was held in mid-2009 in Houston of the Executive Committees of all four groups, i.e., representing:

  • EMD (Frank E. Walles, P.G., Current President; Creties Jenkins, P.E., P.G., Past President; and Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., President-Elect (2010-2011)
  • DEG (Michael Jenkins, P.G., Current President; Rebecca Dodge, P.G., Past President, and Mary Kay Harris, Ph.D., President-Elect (2010-2011)
  • DPA (Paul W. Britt, P.G., Current President)
  • AAPG (Rick Fritz, AAPG Executive Director)
  • AAPG (Norma Newby, AAPG Divisions Manager)

The main topic was how the three AAPG Divisions and AAPG can work together to develop more joint activities, such as sessions, workshops and short courses. One of the action items that came out of the joint meeting was that it was desirable that DEG and DPA also be part of the Renewable Energy Committee, with Co-Chairs to handle matters related to EMD and DEG interests. This joint meeting voted unanimously to create a joint Renewable Energy Committee on July 22, 2009 (SEE EXPLORER ARTICLE).

In November, 2009, Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G. was appointed as the EMD Co-Chair of the Renewable Energy Committee (APPOINTMENT LETTER). Nancy “Anne” J. Fix, Ph.D., was named DEG Co-Chair in January, 2010.

AAPG members and others outside of AAPG are under consideration for appointment to the various Vice-Chairs in this committee. The principal role of the committee is to advise AAPG membership on the development and associated economics and environmental impact of the various forms of potential energy available on our planet now and in the foreseeable future.

For a complete version of the above, see the Committee’s Annual Report (May 2013) on the EMD Members Only page (log-in required).

If you would like to learn more about renewable energy or to receive information on renewable energy, or on activities of the EMD Renewable Energy Committee, join the EMD. If you are already an EMD Member, see “Members Only Page” for updates on renewable energy, for links to technical information on renewable energy, and for related environmental information that may impact renewable energy.

For further information on this committee’s activities, go to the Members’ Only Web page or contact:

Richard C. Bost , P.E., P.G.
(713) 261-5840
Fax: (281) 600-1001

Committee Reports

Desktop /Portals/0/docs/emd/reports/annual-meeting/2011-04-09/2011-04-09-EMDAnnualMeetingCommitteeRenewableEnergy.pdf?pdfwidth=306&pdfheight=400&subpixels=true&page=1&format=jpg&width=100&height=100&mode=crop&anchor=topcenter&quality=90&encoder=freeimage&progressive=true&trim.threshold=255 27729
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