Field Seminar

ACE FT 06 | Shelf to Basin Sequence Framework and Facies Architecture of a Cretaceous Carbonate Ramp: Late Albian Maverick Intrashelf Basin, Southwest Texas  
Houston, Texas, United States
5-10 April 2017

This six day Pecos River Canyon trip uses the superb and remarkably laterally continuous outcrops of this upper Albian ramp-to-intrashelf basin profile to develop a process-based, sequence stratigraphic framework for analogous Cretaceous reservoir systems surrounding the Bab intrashelf basin in the Middle East.

ACE FT 10 | Modern Galveston Island and the Brazos River Delta as Reservoir Analogs  
Houston, Texas, United States
6 April 2017

This field trip focuses on the late Quaternary depositional systems of the upper Texas coast, including the Brazos River and its wave-dominated delta, the Oyster Creek meanderbelt, Follets Island, the San Luis Pass tidal delta, and Galveston Island. The trip will emphasize the physical processes associated with shaping these various depositional environments, and will discuss the stratigraphic occurrence of sand bodies associated with these coastal systems. There will be a focus on linking physical processes to the geological record, and also describing the sequence stratigraphic framework of the upper Texas coastal systems.

Short Course

ACE SC 17 | Principles of Mudrock Chemostratigraphy - Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG)  
Houston, Texas, United States
6 April 2017

This course will be aimed at geologists who study mudrocks, but the general knowledge base will be applicable to many different aspects of chemostratigraphy, mineral chemistry, and trace element geochemistry.

ACE SC 16 | Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Stratigraphy:  Extracting Geologic Insights from 3-D Seismic Data - SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)  
Houston, Texas, United States
2 April 2017

The application of seismic geomorphology and seismic stratigraphy to exploration and field development is a natural consequence of the advent of high-quality and increasingly more affordable and widespread 3D seismic data currently available.

ACE SC 07 | Advanced Geochemical Technologies: Methods That Reveal the Rest of Your Petroleum System - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)  
Houston, Texas, United States
1-2 April 2017

The course content will cover both the basics of biomarker interpretation and application and advanced geochemical technologies.

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