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Coming clean: Service companies are spinning out new hydraulic fracturingtechnologies that promote environmentally sensitive practices.


This is a place that’s historic, innovative, hugely resourceful and enormously complex. When it comes to energy, California has it all. 


There’s no doubt that an array of technology innovations have played a key role in advancing exploration activity and successes.


It used to be NIMBY (Not In My Backyard), Harbert said, but BANANA is now a more accurate description: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.


When it comes to natural gas and its potential in the future energy mix, there’s both pessimism and optimism – depending on who’s talking. 

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EMD’s Energy Economics and Technology Committee is a resource center for individuals with interests in business, planning and forecasting aspects of the energy industries.

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There’s something in the water: The over-pressured Texas Gulf Coast may be a perfect location to tap geothermal energy.


Colorado’s state geologist warned the world is depleting its natural resources as the United States and growing economies scramble for precious metals, oil and gas.


Seemingly endless images and slogans, from both industry supporters and critics, remind us almost daily that the public conversation about energy these days is about the future.

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Lee Allison, the state geologist and director of the Arizona Geological Survey, knows a lot about the coming need for strategic investment in data integration – and about how to succeed in today's political climate.

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