24 April, 2024 Palermo Palermo Italy

Cross Regional Carbonates and Mixed Carbonate Systems Symposium

22-24 April 2024
Palermo, Italy
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This Symposium marks a collaborative event that brings together AAPG Europe and AAPG Middle East, with a central focus on carbonates and mixed carbonate systems worldwide, while highlighting their significance within these two regions. The primary objectives are an overview of controls that govern the evolution of these systems in time and space and the characterization and prediction of their properties across scales. Through overview presentations and case studies, the symposium will address these systems with emphasis on new scientific developments equally as on exploration and characterization of the subsurface in the era of sustainability.

The Symposium invites a review of the state of past and present knowledge on controls on how these systems develop and the introduction of new frontiers in such understanding. It will explore a spectrum of scales, from basin-wide sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy to diagenesis, pore network, and petrophysics, as well as the application of surface and subsurface mapping and characterization methods.
The event will have oral presentations, poster sessions, and field trips and aims to engage high-caliber participation from experts within the energy sector and academic institutions alike. The Symposium benefits from its location, set against the picturesque backdrop of Sicily, with diverse outcrops including the renowned giant Messinian Salt.  The Sicilian experience offers a view into how European and Middle Eastern cultures have melded in the past, an ideal backdrop to merging the communities of two AAPG regions today.

Carbonates and Mixed Carbonate Systems in Outcrop and New Technology Advancement
  1. Carbonate/Mixed Carbonate systems through space and time: the use of analogs, core, outcrop data, and marine geology
  2. Virtual Field Trips and Learning Applications/ Integrated field trips between reality, VR & satellite imagery
  3. Carbonate sedimentary systems as archives of Earth System processes (e.g. paleoclimate)
  4. Carbonate sediments: born, made, moved – Lessons from process sedimentology and source to sink paradigms
  5. Quantifying carbonate sediment deposition and diagenesis for application to hydrocarbon and CCS reservoir characterization
  6. Plates to pores: linking tectonics, depositional systems, and petrophysics for enhanced reservoir prediction and characterization
  7. Carbonate lacustrine systems
  8. Evaporite/Carbonates systems and Industrial applications
  9. Advances in the understanding of dolomite and dolomitization
Subsurface Carbonate and Mixed Carbonate Systems: Petroleum Systems and Applications
  1. Exploration/Characterization/Development: case studies/success stories
  2. Carbonate basin analysis
  3. The application of cross-disciplinary techniques and new technologies to carbonate fundamentals and integrated workflows
  4. Innovative subsurface modeling and mapping of depositional and diagenetic features, effects on fluid flow: from pore to full field modeling
  5. New technology at the pore network scale
  6. Faults, fractures, and fluids
  7. Technology-AI-Machine learning
  8. Inorganic and organic geochemistry and basin modeling
  9. Pore-networks characterization, petrophysics and digitalization
  10. Unconventional reservoirs
  11. Carbonate reservoir characterization, engineering and simulation
Carbonates and Mixed Carbonate Systems in the Age of Sustainability
  1. The economics and environmental implications of CCUS and renewable energy in carbonates
  2. Subsurface modeling and monitoring of carbonates for CCUS and Renewables Energy
  3. Tailoring carbonate rock characterization studies to new energies applications
  4. Geochemistry alteration and modeling in carbonates for long-term CO2 storage
  5. Mechanical stratigraphy and seal integrity
  6. Exploring and developing carbonate reservoir for geothermal energy of carbonate reservoirs used for carbon sequestration
  7. Surface/near surface economic and environmental applications of carbonates
  8. Non-hydrocarbon industrial applications of carbonates
Cross Regional Carbonates and Mixed Carbonate Systems Symposium
Hotel NH Palermo
Foro Italico Umberto I, 22/B
PalermoPalermo 90133

AAPG is negotiating preferential rates at the hotel and further information will be shared shortly.

If you have questions, please contact Leah Williams at [email protected].


Symposium registration fees will be confirmed shortly

Maria Mutti Maria Mutti Co-Chair Professor, University of Potsdam, Germany
Aus A. Al-Tawil Aus Al-Tawil Co-Chair Director, RCD, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Mariam Nasser Alblooshi Mariam Alblooshi Committee Member ADNOC , United Arab Emirates
Anita Eva Csoma Anita Csoma Committee Member Senior Transformation Advisor, Consultant, Hungary
Salvatore Miraglia Salvatore Miraglia Committee Member ENI , Italy
Mohammad Eid Alsuwaidi Mohammad Alsuwaidi Committee Member Assistant Professor in Earth Sciences, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates
Ghaida Abdullah Al-Sahlan Ghaida Al-Sahlan Committee Member Stratigrapher, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait
Abdulrahman Al Harthi Abdulrahman Al Harthi Committee Member PDO, Oman
Mahmound Nazgah Mahmound Nazgah Committee Member Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Erwin Wilhelmus Adams Erwin Adams Committee Member Shell Global Solutions International, Netherlands
Andrea  Moscariello Andrea Moscariello Committee Member University of Geneva, Switzerland
Benjamin Rendall Benjamin Rendall Committee Member University of Potsdam, Germany
Snjezana MacLean Europe Office Administration
Cora Navarro Marketing Manager - Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific
Leah Williams Events Manager - Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific
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