Imperial Barrel Award Committee

Karl S. Bloor Karl S. Bloor CHAIRS Co-Chair 2018-2021 Chevron
Afton Jade Van Zandt Afton Jade Van Zandt CHAIRS Co-Chair 2018-2021 Department of Conservation, DOGGR
Jensen Angelloz WEBSITE Committee Member 2020-2021 MDC Texas Energy
Chris C. Binter DATASETS Committee Member 2018-2021 ExxonMobil
Bonnie Bloeser MENTOR Committee Member 2019-2022 San Diego State University
Charles A. Caughey ADVISOR Committee Member 2020-2021 self
Henry G. DeWitt SECRETARY Committee Member 2018-2021 retired
James Ferry MENTOR Committee Member 2019-2022 Oxy
Clara Ikuku EDUCATION Committee Member 2020-2023 Aramco Services Company
Martin M. Jimenez EDUCATION Committee Member 2018-2021 State of California, Dept of Conservation, Division of Oil and Gas
Steven Loring Veal SPONSORSHIP Committee Member 2018-2021
Kristen Lee Wooden JUDGING Committee Member 2021-2023 Chevron
Steven Ray Wooden DATASETS Committee Member 2016-2021
Susie Nolen OTHER QUESTIONS Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG