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The world’s best classroom? The beautiful and dramatic outcrops that dominate the western Ireland’s Clare and Kerry counties have provided enormous value as analogs to thousands of geoscientists – and new lessons are still being learned there.


Modern research in the Clare Basin began nearly 60 years ago – but new secrets and insights are still being revealed daily.


Up close and personal: 17 questions for award-winning researcher Henry Posamentier.


Have an opinion about hydraulic fracturing? So does the person next to you, which is why Steve Leifer, this year’s speaker at the upcoming DEG annual luncheon, says to look at the big picture.  


Online registration continues to be open – and savings are available – for this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, which will be held April 22-25 in Long Beach, Calif.

Emphasis: Seismic


An added dimension: 3-D seismic data is an essential ingredient in operators’ efforts to understand the risks and nuances of shale plays.


A team player: 3-D seismic technology is more than just a stand-alone tool – its true value shines when it is combined with other well data.


Fayetteville Shale– The Sequel: The play has a glorious past, but technological advances and data integration are making its present – and future – even better.


The Obama administration announced a Gulf lease sale in June.

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