Foundation Update

The AAPG Foundation will be well represented next month at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, Calif.

  • The Members of the Corporation will meet during the convention, as well as the Trustee Board.
  • Trustee Associates and a select number of Foundation supporters are invited to the Chairmen’s Reception, hosted by Foundation Trustee Chair Bill Fisher and Don O’Nesky, the Trustee Associate chair.
  • Lastly, the new Fundraising Advisory Committee will meet for the first time and discuss a new post-campaign fundraising strategy, under the volunteer leadership of Rick Fritz.

The James E. Hartman Student Leadership Summit Fund now exceeds $600,000, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Hartman. Because of his dedication to students studying geology, many new leaders will emerge for years to come.

A brand new initiative begins in the fall to enable students to develop their leadership skills.

If you have a passion to support future generations, add your contributions to the James E. Hartman Student Leadership Summit Fund.

The Foundation’s Trustee Associates continue to provide strong financial support, and are pleased to welcome the following new members: Pete Stark, John Dolson, Rita Monahan, James Painter, Terry Mather, Martin Shields, Larry and Barbara Meckel, Annell Bay and Loren Leiker.

The AAPG Foundation is pleased to announce that Marathon Oil Corporation has endowed two GIS-UDRIL digital subscriptions: University of Texas at Austin and the University of Kansas.

Marathon also pledged to endow eight more subscriptions in the next four years. Many thanks to Annell Bay and Paul Weeditz for making that gift happen!

Paul Buckthal of Amarillo, Texas, has endowed a University Subscription and GIS-UDRIL digital subscription for the University of New Mexico in memory of his wife, Natalie Henkes Buckthal, and in honor of his grand-daughter, Natalie Heberling, who attends that university.

A recent Visiting Geoscientist Program visit was made to Bahria University-Islamabad by Nadeem Ahmad, with the topic of “Seismic Stratigraphy as a Tool for Enhanced Exploration of Stratigraphic Traps.”

Ahmad’s visit has encouraged many students to apply for AAPG membership and the students there are looking to create an AAPG Student Chapter in the near future.

The AAPG Foundation would like to thank Tako Koning for his generous support of the Visiting Geoscientists Program.

Does your company match your giving?

More than $6,600 contributions came in the last two months from corporate matching gifts.

It’s easy to find out if your company matches charitable contributions. The Foundation staff would be happy to help you double your gift!

We are sorry to learn of the passing of Trustee Associates James Harrison Davis, of Houston, on Dec. 3, 2011 and Mark Dale Wilson, of Midland, Texas, on Dec. 9, 2011.

Davis had been a Trustee Associate since 1984; Wilson had been a Trustee Associate since 2001.

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Division Column-DEG Jeffrey Paine

Jeffrey Paine is DEG President for 2014-15.

Foundation Update

Foundation Update - Natalie Adams

Natalie Adams served as the AAPG Foundation manager from October 2010 through April 2014.

Division Column-DEG David Vance

David Vance is principal scientist, ARCADIS-US Inc., Midland, Texas, and is a member of the DEG CO2 Sequestration Committee.  

Division Column-DEG Doug Wyatt

Doug Wyatt, of Aiken, S.C., is director of science research for the URS Corporation Research and Engineering Services contract to the USDOE National Energy Technology Laboratory. He also is a member of the DEG Advisory Board for the AAPG Eastern Section.

Division Column-DEG Tom J. Temples

Tom J. Temples is DEG President.

Division Column-DEG Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith is a DEG member and is with the Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver.

Foundation Update

Foundation Update is a regular column in the EXPLORER offering news about the AAPG Foundation’s latest activities. For more information about the AAPG Foundation, visit the Foundation website, email, or call (918) 560-2644.

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