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Entitled "Establishing Synergy to Connect Exploration in the Future", the student chapter summit run by the AAPG Student Chapter at Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) will be held 22-23 October 2016. This will be followed by their Anniversary of a Decade, from 28-29 October. Both events will be held in Semarang.

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On 28 July 2016, the AAPG Young Professionals Chapter Kuala Lumpur welcomed a technical talk entitled “How to Perform Well Analysis with Various Risk Element” given by Mr Phlemon George, Consultant of Exploration & New Ventures Geologist, who kindly volunteered his time in KL.

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Young Professionals network at their monthly Talk

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In June this year, the team from Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia – region winner for the IBA2016 competition – got the chance to represent the Asia Pacific Region in the Imperial Barrel Award grand finale that took place in Calgary, the energy capital of Canada.

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Sign up for this short course run by AAPG Asia Pacific region past president Herman Darman. Taking place over two days (24-25 October 2016) in Jakarta, Herman will provide an “INTRODUCTION TO PLAY BASED EXPLORATION” - Using geology for business decisions.

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On behalf of the Organisers, the Indonesian Petroleum Association, I would like draw your attention to the upcoming IPA event in Jakarta on 8 – 10 November 2016.

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The 10th edition of the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) — one of the world’s foremost oil and gas events — will be held from 14-16 November 2016 at the Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World in Bangkok, Thailand. PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited is the host organisation for this tenth edition.

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“Basaltic volcanism on a carbonate shelf: facies and diagenesis"
GTW Delegates who attend the Oamaru event on 16 March 2017 will visit local outcrops of basaltic pillow lavas, seamounts and feeder dykes and sills into an Oligocene carbonate shelf.

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Welcome to an interview with Ralf Oppermann, who discusses the challenges and opportunities in identifying faults using seismic.

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The organisers look forward to a high student attendance. SAGSC is widely open to geoscience students who want to focus on crossing the boundaries between all of the geoscience branches such as Oil & Gas, Geophysics, Near-Surface, and general Geology.

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