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Surprise! Geoscientists make an historic discovery of a huge volcano in the Pacific Ocean – in an area first studied 20 years ago.


A bright idea: Lightning as an exploration tool. Really. Just ask Ben Franklin.


Play Fairway study available for free: 400-KM integrated dataset used in study .


Her amazing adventure: AAPG member and EXPLORER correspondent Susan R. Eaton got the trip of a lifetime when she was selected for the Elysium Expedition to Antarctica.

Explorer Emphasis


High resolution aeromagnetic surveys are being used with great success in Marcellus shale exploration.


A new well in Oklahoma may be the most historic and geologically interesting project in the entire country – and for a bonus, it may involve a new helium province.

Explorer Historical Highlight


Historical Highlights looks at the origin of the Caribbean, a geological puzzle. Just exactly where did it come from?


Even from the beginning, the discovery well gave a hint that the Permian Basin was going to be a major oil province. That well was the Santa Rita #1 – Santa Rita, the patron Saint of the Impossible.


The history of oil in the Middle East is essentially a story of giant oil fields (each containing over 500 million barrels).

Explorer Regions and Sections


I have just returned from Kompong Thom town, the capital of Kompong Thom Province, some 200 kilometers north of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

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