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Few battles in recorded military history exhibit the relationship of geology to the ultimate outcome of the battle as drastically as the Civil War battle of Gettysburg.


Diverse and unique field trips – something for everyone – are planned for the upcoming AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Pittsburgh.


Denver consulting geophysicist-geologist R. Randy Ray, current chair of the AAPG House of Delegates, has been named deputy editor-in-chief of the new SEG-AAPG journal INTERPRETATION.


The first annual Charles H. Taylor Fellowship Meeting formally established the structure and people who will help ensure excellence in the AAPG publications.

Emphasis: Shale Horizons


Mind games: Some strategies are better than others when it comes to involvement in unconventional resources. Think about that.


Look again: The Bakken shale play is so big the U.S. Geological Survey has made a new assessment of the formation to see what has changed since the last assessment in 2008.


Bottoms up! The successful Barnett play is getting a second look, thanks to a new study that took a bottomsup approach to determines areas with the best potential.


A recent study has been completed comparing North American and European shale gas and oil resource systems.


High resolution aeromagnetic surveys are being used with great success in Marcellus shale exploration.

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