DL Speakers Set for April Tours

The AAPG’s Distinguished Lecture spring tours, funded by the AAPG Foundation, continue in April and include two speakers traveling throughout Western North America.

Touring in April are:

Jeffrey A. May, retired chief geologist for EOG Resources, will tour April 15-26, visiting Billings, Mont.; Regina and Calgary, Canada; Dallas and Austin, Texas; Tulsa; and Grand Junction and Boulder, Colo.

His topic is “Mudrock Reservoirs – Why Depositional Fabric & Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Matter.”

Rusty Riese, the AAPG Ethics Lecturer, will tour April 4 and April 15, to groups in New Mexico and Texas, respectively. Riese’s lecture is “Oil Spills, Ethics and Society: How They Intersect and Where the Responsibilities Reside.”

Specific dates and locations for the above lectures are posted on the AAPG website.

In March, five Distinguished Lecturers presented a total of 28 lectures in 17 states, including California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Pennsylvania – and Calgary, Canada. The lectures were presented to 14 geological societies and 15 universities. 

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