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Frack checking: The ongoing and intensifying public debate over the impact of hydraulic fracturing is about to get an infusion of scientific observations.


A Fairway to paradise? Nova Scotia’s offshore energy industry is in the global spotlight after an enticing assessment of resources in the Scotian Basin.


Sparsely drilled Scotian Basin larger than Gulf of Mexico.


Play Fairway study available for free: 400-KM integrated dataset used in study .


It's plentiful, it's accessible, it's a part of our lives – but can coal ever be the environmentally preferred choice of energy? A look at the current reality of clean coal technology.


University team responds to concerns about dumping water used in the well fracturing process. Converting the briny wastewater into suitable fresh water is the challenge.


You could see it everywhere at the recent AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston:Women were confidently exchanging business cards – with both men and women – as important business connections were made.


The Cook Inlet was a popular topic at both an oral session and field trip during the Pacific Section's annual meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.


Like father, like son: Paul Weimer, geology professor at the University of Colorado, has assumed the presidency of AAPG and leadership of the Executive Committee – just as his father did 20 years ago.

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