These courses vary in length from a few days to a full semester. Interaction with instructor is included, and daily or weekly assignments may be included as well. See course descriptions for actual start dates for these courses.

Professional English  

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained an ability to develop and organize documents both printed and on the Internet which are read by individuals outside their company.

Technical Writing  

This course is particularly useful for professionals involved in writing research papers, proposals, dissertations, theses, and technical monographs.

Leadership and Strategic Thinking in the Oil & Gas Industry  

This course will help you turn challenges into opportunities as you learn to strategically manage technological innovation, financial turmoil, a changing workforce, unpredictable social media, and tight deadlines.

Petroleum Exploration & Production: An Online Overview  

This online course provides an overview of the petroleum industry from what is natural gas and crude oil to how to explore, drill, and produce oil and gas.

Strategic Decision-Making: Current Issues in the Oil Industry  

Learn to critically evaluate current issues that can impact growth and sustainability of oil and gas ventures.

In Person Training

Online Training