Leadership and Strategic Thinking For a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World

Who Should Attend
Geoscientists, engineers and all decision-makers involved in the energy industry, with emphasis on oil and gas.

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Apply effective leadership to difficult, highly fluid contexts and conditions
  • Evaluate strategic options
  • Conduct a risk assessment in volatile as well as unstable conditions
  • Describe how conventional leadership and business strategy theories may be applied or modified for conditions
  • Develop a strategic plan for a company, organization, or individual for a number of scenarios
Course Content

In the span of a mere few months, the much of the world went from a state of exuberant self-actualization to the most primal level of survival (health, food, shelter) insecurity. Consequently, the world has changed. Shock change due to pandemic-triggered chain reactions, supply / demand and price instability, rapid technological innovation, new plays and changing markets, distributed teams and workforces, the powerful force of social media, shortages of technical expertise, and supply chain issues have come together to create new challenges and opportunities for leadership. We will analyze how the issues relate to the oil and gas business (exploration, development, oilfield services, support services, financial sector) and we will propose solutions for immediate real-world emergencies, together with longer term challenges. In addition, we will evaluate what prominent thinkers and academics have written about leadership and strategic planning.

  • A World of Black Swans and Double Black Swans 
  • Dealing with rapid change 
  • From Maslow’s “Self-Actualization” to “Survival Needs” in a Month: Dealing with rapid change 
  • Self-Sufficiency: Using Global Digital Capacity for Local Physical Food / Energy Security 
  • Import Substitution as the New Prevailing Vision / Impetus 
  • Theories of Power and Powerlessness 
  • Leadership in Difficult Times: A Hybrid Approach? 
  • Strategic Leadership 
  • Key articles / thinkers / emergent ideas (in no particular order) 
  • Impact of technological innovation: Revisiting Strengths and Vulnerabilities
  • The Impacts of Supply Chain Disruptions, “Tsunami of Bankruptcies”, Demand instabilities, Labor immobility
  • The Mindset of Innovation and Creative Mission Actualization 
  • Social network power & potential pitfalls 
  • Impact of social networking on organizational structure and integrity 
  • Diversity in the global context / distributed workplace 
  • Dealing with "game-changers" (resource plays, new ways of structuring deals, capital from 
  • Steps for Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Revisiting Pre-Pandemic Concerns 
  • Dealing with a rapidly changing regulatory environment 
  • Environmental issues: operations, procedures, perception and reality 
  • The Road Ahead
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01 January, 9999
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01 January, 2099
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Includes course materials and direct interaction with the instructor via e-mail.


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