Technical Writing

Who Should Attend
Ideal for scientists, managers, and professionals for whom English is a second language, with personalized grammar and vocabulary review. This course is highly recommended for scientists and technical professionals seeking to develop a mastery of the communication skills required in an increasingly digital age.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create executive summaries and abstracts for technical reports and papers
  • Explain the difference between an executive summary and an abstract
  • Identify the primary reason for writing a report or technical paper in terms of a primary thesis
  • Develop an outline and drafts for papers and reports
  • Conduct research or a literature review on the main topic
  • Cite sources correctly in the report or technical paper
  • Produce a professional final report that has undergone revisions
  • Summarize the findings in the form of a presentation to be giving either synchronously or accessed on demand as a video
Course Content

This is a 10-week course that begins the 2nd of every month.

In addition to providing a solid foundation with templates and flowcharts for reports, technical documents, summaries, recommendations, annual reports, and more, the course provides one-on-one mentoring in collaborative work, presentations, e-mails, discussion board postings, weblogs, website analysis and design, and more. In addition, the course looks at ethical issues in digital and print communication, and provides support and effective techniques for collaborative and individual revision activities.

This course is newly revised (2005) and gives users access to Dr. Susan Nash's widely acclaimed and adopted Writing Survival Guide.

This course is particularly useful for professionals involved in writing research papers, proposals, dissertations, theses, and technical monographs.

  • Abstracts // Technical Papers
  • Grammar / Style / Revision
  • Proceedings // Proposals

Exercises and Exams administered by instructor via email.

Expires on
01 January, 2013
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Expires on
01 January, 2013
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Includes textbook.


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