An AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW)

Sixth Annual Deepwater and Shelf Reservoirs

27-28 January 2015
Houston, Texas, United States

Reserve your space now to learn how and where new knowledge and technology geology, engineering, and geophysics come together to make deepwater and shelf exploration and development more successful.

Determining reservoir connectivity, calculating pore pressure, understanding the structural subtleties, identifying hazards, and developing accurate images (including subsalt), are deeply affected by new multi-disciplinary discoveries in science and technology. New understanding of ways to map shelf deposit and to accurately map zones, correlate, identify remaining or new reserves and to determine connectivity and conductivity will be featured.

The 6th Annual AAPG Deepwater and Shelf Reservoirs Geosciences Technology Workshop will bring together the latest developments in geology, engineering, geophysics, and geochemistry in order to determine the best possible ways to understand and develop fields, as well as identify bold new exploration targets.

Focus will be concentrated on the Gulf of Mexico, Shelf and Deepwater, including Mexico Water.

Join us in a relaxed environment, where longer presentation times and plenty of time for discussion give you an opportunity to learn and apply your new knowledge to the challenges facing you and your team.  


  • Basin Modeling
  • Systems
  • Structures
  • Reservoir Architecture
  • Advances in Geopressure
  • Hazard Identification
  • Imaging and Interpretation
  • Formation Testing
  • Appraisal
  • Drilling
  • Production
  • New Knowledge Meets New Technology

Norris Conference Center - CityCentre, Houston, TX
Norris Conference Center - CityCentre, Houston, TX
816 Town & Country Lane, Suite 210
Houston Texas 77024
United States
(713) 590-0950

Expires on
28 January, 2015
Presenter Fee
Expires on
30 December, 2014
Early Fee
Expires on
11 March, 2015
Early Fee Member/Nonmember
Expires on
28 January, 2015
Regular Fee
Expires on
28 January, 2015
Student Fee

No refunds for cancellations after 30 December, 2014.

Student Fee Limited to 10 Spots

Includes workshop admission, program booklet (schedule, abstracts, presenter bios), workshop participant contact list, icebreaker cocktail reception, 2 lunches, 4 coffee breaks, 2 continental breakfast, sanitized PDFs of talks (with company permissions).

Sponsored By:


Vicky Vicky Kroh Registrar, Education Department +1 918 560 2650 +1 918 560 2678
Amy Mahan Event Coordinator +1 918 560-9431
Susan Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director of Education and Professional Development +1 918 560 2604

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