AAPG | SEG 2015 International Conference & Exhibition

13-16 September 2015
Melbourne, Australia
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AAPG/SEG International Conference and Exhibition 2015
Incorporating PESA’s Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium
13-16 September, 2015 | Melbourne, Australia

A Powerhouse Emerges: Energy for the Next Fifty Years is a perfect theme for the AAPG/SEG 2015 International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) being held 13–16 September in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). Not only does it signify the 50th year anniversary of the Gippsland Basin oil discovery that unlocked Australasian market activity, but it also marks the first ever ICE co-presented by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). ICE 2015 is hosted by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) and will include PESA’s Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium (EABS).

As a collaborative event presented jointly by AAPG, SEG and PESA, ICE 2015 in Melbourne will deliver: 

  1. the most important, credible geosciences exchange of the year
  2. an amazing recipe for outstanding business opportunities and learning 
  3. collective reach of more than 80,000 society members and an exponential number of customers worldwide 
  4. a history of strong participation and support since ICE 2006 in Perth remains the best attended ICE in history

Proven, focused and always rewarding, ICE delivers consistently strong technical programs, diverse short-courses and field trips, state-of-the-art displays and networking activities that create a high-performance marketplace. Geoscientists and petroleum industry professionals from 60+ countries gather at ICE to build their skills, network with peers and purchase products and services that will take their E&P programs to the next level.

Please include ICE & EABS in your conference schedule for 2015.

Melbourne, Australia


Mike Mike Taylor Exhibition Sales Manager +1 281 773 8836
Dick Dick Rauner SEG Sales Manager +1 918 491 4607
Teresa Teresa Dallis SEG Exhibition & Sponsorship Sales Representative +1 918 497 4606
Terri Terri Duncan Technical Programs Coordinator +1 918 560 2641
Alicia Alicia Collins Technical Programs Coordinator +1 918 560 2616
Kendra Kendra McColloch Exhibition Manager +1 918 560 2689
Tracy Tracy Thompson Exhibition Sales Representative +1 918 560 9414

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