An AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop

Bakken / Three Forks / Plus Emerging Plays

17-19 November 2014
Golden, Colorado, United States

Participants will learn how to be successful in utilizing the Three Forks in a stacked-pay, pad-drilling strategy when producing various Bakken members.

Attendees will learn how to apply 3D seismic and seismic attributes, use geochemistry and geochemical information to map sweet spots and to predict fracture behavior (including fluid behavior in the fractures, including fracture interference when infill drilling).

  • Reservoir characterization
  •  Pore space architecture of the Three Forks
  •  Geochemical considerations
  •  Imaging / 3D seismic integration
  •  Workflows for reservoir modeling
  •  Fracture networks
  •  Diagenesis
  •  Pore pressure and hydraulic fracturing
  •  Proppants
  •  Completions
Preliminary Program

Monday November 17, 2014

Geomechanics and Behavior in Pore Space

  • Rational Rock Physics for Improved Velocity Prediction and Reservoir Properties Estimation for Granite Wash (Tight Sands) in Anadarko Basin, Texas, *Muhammad Zahid Durrani and Dr. Jingyi Chen, University of Tulsa
  • The Curious Case of Hydrocarbon-Expulsion Fractures: Genesis and Impact on the Bakken Shales, Mohammed Al Duhailan, Colorado School of Mines
  • Molecular Simulation of Hydrocarbon Occurrence and Phase Behavior in Nano Pores, Keyu Liu, CSIRO
  • Hydrocarbon Geochemistry and Pore Characterization of Bakken Formation and Implication to Oil Migration and Oil Saturation, Tongwei Zhang, University of Texas

12pm-1pm      Networking Lunch


  • Towards a More Complete Understanding of the Bakken/Three Forks Petroleum System through the Integration of Geochemistry, Stratigraphy, and Production Results, *Mark Millard and Tim Ruble, SM Energy
  • Optimizing Lateral Placement and Production while Minimizing Completion Costs Using Downhole Geochemical Logging, Rick Schrynemeeckers, Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC
  • Petroleum Geochemistry of Ordovician-Sourced Oils from the Williston Basin, USA, John Curtis, Colorado School of Mines
  • The Dual Role of Heavy Compounds in Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems, Ahmed Chaouche, Anadarko Petroleum Corp
  • The Upper Bakken Shale Play, Elm Coulee Field, Williston Basin, Steve Sonnenberg, CSM

Tuesday November 18, 2014

Imaging, Geosteering, and Reservoir Behavior

  • 3D Imaging of Bakken Reservoir Targets, North Dakota, Timothy Berge, Pangean Resources
  • 3D Seismic Proves Its Value In Bakken Geosteering, *Angie Southcott and Harold Harper, WPX Energy
  • Geosteering Using LWD Tools in Unconventional Reservoir, Alisha Wennekamp, Prosper Petrolum Ltd.
  • Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming: An Investigation of Reactions Between Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid and Unconventional Reservoirs, Ryan Herz-Thyhsen, University of Wyoming

12pm-1pm      Networking Lunch

Geological Contexts

  • Sedimentary Processes and Trace Fossil Communities in the Upper Shale Member of the Upper Devonian-Lower Mississippian Bakken Formation, North Dakota, USA, *Sven Egenhoff and Neil Fishman, Colorado State University
  • Effects of Upper and Lower Bakken Source Rock Differences on the Charge of Middle Bakken and Three Forks Reservoirs in the Williston Basin, *David Thul, Ryan Thompson, and Terry Ganey, PetroLuminary
  • Petrography of the Bakken Black “Shales” in the Eastern Williston Basin of North Dakota, *Mark Longman and Katie Kocman, QEP Resources, Inc.

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Emerging Plays / Analogues

  • An Important Role of Volcanic Ash in Forming Chang 7 Lacustrine Tight Oil Plays in Ordos Basin, China, Li Denghua, Petrochina
  • The Emerging Tuscaloosa Trend and Its Relationship to the Eagle Ford, Walter Warndt, Micro-Strat Inc.
  • Tight Reservoirs of the  Barons Sandstone (Mowry Eq) - Potential Emerging Light Tight Oil Play, SW Alberta, Canada, Per Pedersen, University of Calgary; Emeric Gourjon, Legacy Oil + Gas Inc; Rob Vessey, University of Calgary
  • Lifeview Enhanced Oil Recovery PRTISP Process, Harold Nikipelo, Lifeview Oil and Gas Management Services
  • Nonesuch Fm., A New Domestic Resource Play, Timothy Berge, Pangean Resources and Ray Anderson, University of Iowa

12pm-1pm                  Networking Lunch 

  • PSDM for Unconventional Reservoirs? A Niobrara Shale Case Study, Morgan Brown, Wave Imaging Technology (division of GeoCenter)
  • Sussex Sandstone Tight Oil Play, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, Richard Bottjer, Cirque Resources LP; Michael Hendricks, Hendricks & Associates; Daniel Stright Jr., Reservoir Management Services, Inc. and John Bettridge, Southwestern Production Corp.
  • Niobrara Maturity Goes Up, Resistivity Goes Down: What’s Going On?, Steve Cumella, Endeavor Internat
  • Hydrogeochemistry & Gas Chemistry of Uinta Basin: Implication for Genesis & Migration of Unconventional Gas, Ye Zhang, University of Wyoming
  • Petroleum system model of the Mississippi lime, Anadarko Basin, Kansas and Oklahoma, Debra Higley, USGS

" * " - Denotes Presenter

Green Center, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado
Green Center, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado
924 16th street
Golden Colorado 80401
United States
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Includes workshop admission, program booklet (schedule, abstracts, presenter bios), workshop participant contact list, icebreaker cocktail reception, 3 lunches, 6 coffee breaks, 3 continental breakfast, sanitized PDFs of talks (with company permissions).

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