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The Imperial Barrel Award: Finding the Next Legend. Presented by Chris Zahm at Houston Geological Society Legends Night in Houston, Texas on 19 January, 2015.

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26 Apr

Carbonate Reservoir Analogues: Play Concepts and Controls on Porosity Early Tuition Expires in 1 day

Engineering, Reservoir Characterization, Carbonates, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Dolostones, Carbonate Reefs, Carbonate Platforms, EvaporitesEurope Region - Spain
30 Apr

Unconventional Petroleum Systems: A Geologic Transect Across Colorado Early Student Fee Expires in 5 days

United States - Rocky Mountains Section - Colorado
30 Apr

Sequence Stratigraphy: Principles And Applications Early Tuition Expires in 5 days

30 Apr

Exploration In The Bakken Petroleum System Early Tuition Expires in 5 days

30 Apr

Integrating Data from Nano- to Macro-Scale Early Tuition Expires in 5 days

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