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Best of the best: The AAPG Charles Taylor Fellowship, a group formed to ensure the continuation of scientific excellence is conveyed via the AAPG BULLETIN, will hold its inaugural meeting in February.


Spotlight On: Patricio Desjardins has hiked all over the Canadian Rockies. His closer, more personal scrutiny of those mountains led him to places where the rocks were perfect for collecting the data he wanted.


Water: It’s all around us. So, why so many issues finding enough and utilizing it for hydraulic fracturing? AAPG member Dan Arthur shares his insight into water sourcing for this widely-used process for oil production.


Water issues is the topic of an upcoming AAPG GTW. This GTW is the first to focus on environmental and resource play issues.


The importance of feeder schools shouldn't be diminished just because their student body is small. In fact, oftentimes you'll find leading research ongoing from which graduate programs in larger institutions benefit by receiving well-prepared undergraduates.


The AAPG Foundation announced Bob Gunn as the recipient of the L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal. This is the highest honor the foundation awards. Also, Richard Baile was awarded the Chairman's Award.


The Arctic Technology Conference was pronounced a success not just because of numbers, but also because of the strong technical program's presentations.

Emphasis: World Development


Leader of the pack: North America heads the 2012 global E&P developments list – surprise, surprise – with oil production in Canada and the Gulf of Mexico all contributing to the boom.


It was a very good (and busy) year: A month-by-month look at the significant oil and gas discoveries around the globe that made 2012 an industry year to remember.


Targeting resources in the Arctic – piece of cake. But dense fog, sea ice, extended whaling season and a damaged containment barge – that’s another story. Officials from one company tell how they managed to overcome these challenges in the Arctic’s hostile yet environmentally sensitive regions.


Interest in the Sahara desert grows as the potential for shale gas - and a lot of it - seems to become more apparent.

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