Strong Technical Program Makes ATC a Success

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

This year’s Arctic Technology Conference, held in early December in Houston, was once again a big success – and not just because the numbers were large.

Consider, instead, the impact of the technical program – a highly focused international collection of more than 150 presentations that addressed the technologies and innovations needed for Arctic exploration and production.

“The technical presentations were outstanding,” said John Hogg, an Honorary AAPG member from Calgary, Canada, who chaired the ATC Technical Program Committee, “and for the first time the technical panels had great discussion around flow assurance and working with oil in the Arctic environment.

“The 2012 ATC meeting was quite successful,” he added. “It built on the inaugural meeting and continues to grow in stature with Arctic-focused professionals, thanks to a strong Technical Committee and the support of the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) board of directors.”

The event attracted 1,243 attendees from 26 countries; the exhibits hall boasted 74 exhibitors from eight countries.

The top most represented (non-U.S.) countries were, in descending order, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Finland, Japan, France, Sweden and Denmark.

Highlights included:

  • Plenary session presentations on Arctic activity from Jostein Mykletun (Norway consul general); James Hall (director, Infield Systems); Mohammed Zaki (vice president-Russia, Total E&P); and Robert Blaauw (senior adviser global Arctic theme, Shell).
  • A variety of panels, dealing with flow assurance challenges; oil spill preparedness; regulatory governance; and future directions for R&D between industry and academia.
  • “Spotlight on Arctic Technology” awards were presented to Ion (for its under-ice towed marine streamer) and Transkor Group Inc. (for its Aqua MTM).

The next ATC will be Feb. 10-12, 2014, in Houston. 

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