June 2009

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A look at the work and methods that led to the U.S. Geological Survey’s report on oil and gas potential north of the Arctic Circle – findings that will be presented at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver.         


Web exclusive: Geologist-artist Greg Wessel blends his two passions to create something beautiful. His Two Wall Gallery has issued a “call for artists” who are also geologists (or other earth-related scientists) to submit works for consideration of inclusion in their upcoming show titled “Geo Sapiens – The Fusion of Geology and Art.”


The results are in: new AAPG officers have been elected.     


Building the bridge, one mind at a time: AAPG President Scott Tinker offers a look at where the industry is going – and what we need to do to get there.


Salaries for petroleum geologists were relatively steady last year, according to the newest AAPG salary survey.     


While you were sleeping: Those who have decried a perceived dearth of discoveries haven’t been paying enough attention to the list of this century’s game-changing plays.


A remediation project at the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana shows how multi-agency cooperation and dedication leads to success.          


The future of clean fossil and renewable energy is not only bright, but it's "closer than you think." 


AAPG's Young Professionals are energized and ready to make an impact, starting with a slew of activities and opportunities at the Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver.


Astronaut, geologist, and AAPG member Jim Reilly explores how space technology could be applied to the oil and gas industry.     


Teacher of the Year Ty Robinson's best teaching tool is the state of Utah itself.


Bracket busting? Ten geology departments from around the world are set for this year’s Imperial Barrel Awards competition in Denver. Let the games begin.

Emphasis: Annual Convention


Rocky Mountain high: AAPG turns the spotlight on Denver for its 94th Annual Convention and Exhibition, which starts June 7 at the Colorado Convention Center.


His brilliant career: Marlan Downey, upon returning from a stint in the U.S. Army, decided to give geology “a trial.” The verdict? The profession and industry became big winners.       


How to succeed in business? According to self-proclaimed contrarian Ray Thomasson, you can start by asking questions. Lots of questions.


A combination of experience and conviction has contributed to the successful career of AAPG Explorer of the Year Michael Johnson.


Hear the stories of seven speakers renowned for their success in exploring and finding hydrocarbon reserves at his year's Discovery Thinking forum in Denver. 


One of the keys to easing future energy problems is overcoming long-held beliefs about alternative forms of energy.


The solar system contains many wonders - - and several of those planets, moons, and other objects are known to contain hydrocarbons.


The results of a long-awaited work force retention survey of women geoscientists will be presented in Denver.


Marlan Downey leads the list of those who will receive AAPG Honors and Awards at the Opening Session.


You'll feel like a kid again: Geology is the basis for many Denver-area tourist attractions.

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