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Former AAPG president Marlan Downey is this year’s Sidney Powers Memorial Award winner, heading the list of AAPG honors and awards.
Bye, bye drilling ban, hello offshore exploration activities. The question is, where is the best U.S. offshore potential?
Victoria’s Secret (no, not that one) is reminding people that what they see at first is not always what they get later.
Got a minute? Bruce Rubidge would like to tell you the 4.6-billion-year history of the earth at his luncheon talk in Cape Town.
The prospect of commercial-scale carbon sequestration has taken another step forward.

Emphasis: International

A world of possibilities: One company’s survey results point out the planet’s top 20 areas of interest for the coming year.
It’s hot, hot, hot – that’s right, we’re talking about the Arctic, where an enormous amount of energy potential is about to collide with an enormous potential for political conflict.
The U.S. Geological Survey recently completed an assessment of undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources in all areas north of the Arctic Circle – and the numbers are a bit eye-popping.
Small players, big deals: Independents are becoming increasingly important in Africa’s energy picture.
Natural gas has fueled Egypt’s climb to one of the top plays on the international arena.
Egypt clearly is hot in the international arena, but the scene at its neighbor to the west – Libya – appears close to being equally spicy.

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