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Explorer Article

Explorer Article

A new high-limit personal liability umbrella policy is now available for AAPG members through the GeoCare Benefits Insurance Program.


AAPG Sidney Powers medalist and Honorary member John W. Shelton recently was given the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Illinois for his “stellar 60-plus-year career in the oil industry, academia and service to the community.”

Explorer Director’s Corner


No sooner had the ink dried on my last column about the winds of change buffeting our industry when we saw oil prices slide from $75 a barrel to $55. I didn’t foresee these winds arriving at gale force, but that’s what’s happened.

Explorer Division Column DPA


Recently, the AAPG Division of Professional Affairs held its mid-year meeting in Tulsa, and this year focused on the “Culture of Greatness” – the ability of our industry and profession to provide resources.

Explorer Foundation Update


The AAPG Foundation has joined the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation (SEGF) as a partner in the acclaimed Geoscientists Without Borders (GWB) program.

Explorer Geophysical Corner

Explorer Geophysical Corner

This month’s Geophysical Corner column deals with Sobel filtering for enhancing seismic coherence attribute.

Explorer Historical Highlight

Explorer Historical Highlight

When referring to the early Russian oil industry, one almost always hears the names of the fields located in the southern Absheron Peninsula, in Azerbaijan. Rarely does one hear about the oil heritage of the northern Russian lands close to the basin of the Izhma-Pechora River.

Explorer Policy Watch

Explorer Policy Watch

Demand for all forms of energy, including oil and natural gas, will grow significantly in the next 26 years – but political and regulatory uncertainties create risks that may constrain the private-sector investments needed to meet the demand. That’s the message found in several recent analyses of the global energy market, which could shed light on patterns of energy growth and issues constraining industry’s ability to meet the growing demands.

Explorer President’s Column


A frequent focus of discussion between members of the Executive Committee and the AAPG staff is membership – how to better serve it, of course, but also how to grow it and retain it.

Explorer ProTracks

Explorer ProTracks

The historic 2014 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition marked the first time an AAPG international conference was held in Istanbul – but that wasn’t the only new dynamic at work.

Written by members of the DPA (Division of Professional Affairs) for the members of the DPA, Correlator is published quarterly. Articles cover professional development topics as well as matters of ethics and DPA business.

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Correlator Article

Correlator Article

Seasoned and successful exploration geoscientists know, by bitter experience, the cost of ignoring (or not obtaining) objective data that bear on the geologic and economic merits of their ventures.

Correlator Article

Geology is positively a fascinating science. I was bewitched since my first steps in the university in southern Brazil 50 years ago.

Correlator Article

As we begin a new series of the Correlator, and after reviewing Flávio Juarez Feijó’s article on Living with YPs I felt it was worth bringing up volunteering one more time.

Correlator Article

As I prepared this last report for the Correlator as DPA president, I found myself reflecting on the past year – which flew by with remarkable speed.

Correlator Article

Jack Welsh, past chairman of GE, once said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Correlator Article

In early October I had two occasions to take Zoe, my now-14-year-old daughter, and several of her girlfriends (BFFs?) to the Tulsa State Fair. As a father I had to learn patience and how to be heard but not seen (figure that one out). I also had a good lesson in the power of communication because within 30 minutes of arriving at the fair, my daughter’s little group would suddenly double or triple with their friends – especially boys. Oh, the power of communicating with smart phones!

The Delegates Voice is published quarterly. It is written by the leadership of the HoD (House of Delegates), the body of delegates representing the members of AAPG, and edited by the HoD Secretary/Editor, who is nominated annually. The focus of Delegates Voice is activities and issues of the HoD. This publication is available only to AAPG members.

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Delegates Voice Business Article


I am disappointed in what happened during the discussion and voting on the proposal for elimination of the "three sponsors" requirement for AAPG membership. The Executive Committee put the proposal to amend the Bylaws in front of the HoD to be voted on.

Delegates Voice Committee Article


The Nomination and Election Committee has selected the candidates to run for the House of Delegates office from a list of 24 qualified candidates. The election of these officers by the HoD delegates will take place at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver in May 2015.


The committee is made up of a diverse group of dedicated and committed individuals appointed by the chair of the House of Delegates and spanning a large geographic area from Paris, France to Nova Scotia, Canada, to California.


The Resolution Committee will report during the House of Delegates annual meeting its recommendations regarding advanced petitions, resolutions or motions proposed by delegates, affiliated societies, or by charge from the chair of the House.


The Rules and Procedures Committee is charged with reviewing the rules and procedures of the House of Delegates and suggesting and reviewing any changes to those rules and procedures for consideration in the House.


The Credentials Committees consists of the chair and four members. Members are the 2015 candidates for HoD chair-elect (James McGhay and Dwight “Clint” Moore) and for secretary/editor (Michael Allison and Stephen Levine).


The Constitution and Bylaws Committee comprises seven members. For 2014-15 they are:

Delegates Voice Officer Article

This is my first article as your Delegates’ Voice editor for the 2014-15 term. I also serve as the chair of the Newsletter Committee; and I am pleased that two veterans from last year’s committee have agreed to stay on and assist me: Dan Billman and Chris Swezey. Finally, joining us on the committee for the next year is Maren Blair from Calgary, Canada.
Several years ago two colleagues, Clint and Ron, came to one of the Asian national oil companies (NOCs) to conduct an audit, which had been requested by one of the NOC’s partners. In this country (and indeed several others in the region), anything that might result in a loss of face is to be assiduously avoided.
As this is my first submission to the Delegates’ Voice as chair of the House of Delegates, I would like to start by welcoming you to your Delegates’ Voice. I thank all of you for serving the AAPG as delegates and providing the input needed on how we can make the AAPG better for all our members.

The Division of Environmental Geosciences membership produces Spheres of Influence quarterly. The goals of this newsletter include addressing current events and engaging the DEG members. It also is a tool for communicating across the divisions of AAPG while highlighting upcoming environmental geoscience issues.

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