16307 Explorer Issue: Explorer Issue
Current Issue: March 2015

In this issue, we bring you up to speed on the latest trends, both technological and economic, in the seismic industry: new and developing methods for shooting seismic, as well as how to get more mileage out of existing methods. We have coverage about combining geophysics with seismic; about old plays with new production potential, thanks to updated seismic surveys; and, looming above all else, we talk about the effect current prices are having on the seismic industry.

Read also about the oil crash in the 1980s and its implications for how to weather the current economic storm; learn also about what’s happening south of the border as Mexico begins issuing permits for seismic exploration; read about how the once indispensable field of paleontology has declined in stature in the oil field, and why that’s bad news for the industry.

Also in this month’s Explorer, we announce this year’s winner of the AAPG Foundation’s highest honor: the L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal. This month’s issue also includes coverage of this year’s Imperial Barrel Award competition, among other important Association news.

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