17169 Explorer Issue: Explorer Issue
Current Issue: April 2015

In this issue, we peer intently into the future of the industry with a story about how deepwater discoveries have driven most recent success in global exploration, and where those discoveries are happening; we also take a look back at the storied past of offshore exploration, as told in AAPG’s history of involvement with the monumental Offshore Technology Conference. We also shine a light on the best industry practices for preventing and managing oil spills, and we provide some coverage of the state and federal policy discussions surrounding offshore exploration and production.

Read also how AAPG members in Colombia rallied to action when colleagues were kidnapped in the field. There is an up-close look at one of this year’s winners of the Grover E. Murray Memorial Distinguished Educator Award, as well as a sneak peak at GeoLegends Theater, which will be featured at next month’s Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver.

On the cover is the location of one of a dozen field trips scheduled for ACE next month, the Florissant fossil beds of central Colorado are world renowned for their highly diverse assemblage of fossil plants and insects of the Eocene Epoch. As pictured, some of the largest diameter petrified trees in the world occur here. The Florissant Formation formed in a paleovalley where sedimentation was strongly influenced by lahars and volcaniclastic eruptions from a nearby stratovolcano. Photo courtesy of Jeff Kramer.

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