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Current Issue: July 2015

We’ve entered a new era of energy: the age of Unconventional Resources. It’s also the age of America’s leading role on the world energy stage.

The July issue of the AAPG Explorer is now online, and as our annual Unconventionals issue, it includes coverage of how the new status quo came about and what tomorrow’s world energy market is expected to bring.

In this issue, we also include:

  • A report on a new method of evaluating sweet spots that’s expected to change the way unconventional plays are explored and developed.
  • An update on the heated controversy in Texas and elsewhere over who should decide the rules of hydraulic fracturing.
  • An expansive overview of the energy industry as it pertains to unconventional resources.
  • A preview of the upcoming Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) in San Antonio this month.
  • A sneak peak at some of the exotic and normally inaccessible geological attractions to be showcased at the AAPG-SEG International Convention and Exhibition (ICE) in Melbourne, Australia this September.

We also have a recap of last month’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Denver, including a look at the winners of the Imperial Barrel Award competition and coverage of some decisions made by the House of Delegates that will affect all members of the Association. And, of course, we also have all of the regular columns and news that are indispensable to readers of the monthly Explorer.

The AAPG EXPLORER is the monthly tabloid magazine of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists that covers news of interest to the AAPG membership. Contents include coverage of the entire span of energy interest, with emphasis on exploration for hydrocarbons and energy minerals. Breaking news stories, features, profiles of personalities, comment columns and Association information is included.

The AAPG EXPLORER is read by more than 42,000 members and friends of the Association in 129 countries.