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Is the U.S. Producing Too Much Oil? - 29 March, 2017 9:21 AM


Meet the New EC

Paul W.

Paul W. Britt

President (2016-17)


Charles Sternbach

President-Elect (2016-17)

Daniel E. "Dan"

Daniel E. "Dan" Schwartz

Vice President, Sections (2016-18)

Peter M.

Peter M. Lloyd

Vice President, Regions (2015-17)

Heather L.

Heather L. Lareau

Secretary (2015-17)


Martin Hewitt

Treasurer (2016-18)

Barry J.

Barry J. Katz

Editor (2016-19)

James S.

James S. McGhay

House of Delegates Chair (2016-17)

Current Issue

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In this Issue:
  • Coming Soon, HoD Attractions and Some Questions About AAPG
  • Should I Try This Double Diamond - Or Play It Safe?
  • Meet the Candidates
  • Proposal for Revising How Advisory Council Representation is Allocated
  • HoD Membership Committee - An Update
  • Top 10 List to Expect at This Year's HoD Meeting!
  • Registration Open for the Rocky Mountain Section Annual Meeting
  • This Year's HoD Award Winners

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