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W.C. “Rusty”
Candidate for President-Elect (2016-17)
Candidate for President-Elect (2016-17)
Vice President, Sections
Terence G. "Terry"
Candidate for Vice President, Sections (2016-18)
Daniel E. "Dan"
Candidate for Vice President, Sections (2016-18)
Candidate for Treasurer (2016-18)
Candidate for Treasurer (2016-18)
Candidate for Editor (2016-19)
Barry J.
Candidate for Editor (2016-19)

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03 May

Modern Terrigenous Clastic Depositional Systems Early Tuitiion Expires today!

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, ClasticsUnited States - Eastern Section
09 May

Basic Petroleum Geology for the Non-Geologist Early Tuition - May 5, 2016 Expires in 6 days

United States - Gulf Coast Section - Texas
13 May

Exploration and Production Challenges and Opportunities in a Low-Price Environment - Regular Registration Fee Expires in 10 days

Latin America and Caribbean Region - Brazil
16 May

Deep-Water Siliciclastic Reservoirs, California Early Tuition Expires in 13 days

Clastics, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Deep Sea / DeepwaterUnited States - Pacific Section - California
20 May

2016 AAPG Eastern Section Meeting Call for Papers Expires in 17 days

Divisions, EMD, DPA, DEG, PSGD, Member, Student, PROWESSUnited States - Eastern Section