About Student Membership

Dues $10/year
Qualification Open to students in the geosciences
  • Student member dues will be paid by Chevron upon request
  • Membership in AAPG's EMD and DEG Divisions is free to students

Student membership is open to students majoring in geology or in a field of study related to or generally associated with geology at a college of acceptable academic standards.

Students have the option of having their dues paid by our corporate sponsor, Chevron, at no obligation to themselves.

  • Significantly-reduced dues ($10/yr)
  • Eligibility for Chevon scholarship to cover annual dues 
  • Access to AAPG EXPLORER - Electronic Edition
  • Access to AAPG BULLETIN - Electronic Edition
  • Discounted tuition for select educational opportunities
  • Discounted books
  • Access to the AAPG Career Center
  • Ability to join Energy Minerals Division (EMD) and Division of Environmentla Geosciences (DEG) free of charge
  • Student members of DEG have online access to DEG’s Environmental Geosciences journal